Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Job responsibilities

In this task you will have to describe, using specific vocabulary, regular duties for a certain job but don't  give the job name. Your colleagues will guess, therefore be specific but also tricky! You can refer to real people most of you are familiar with.

Eg. She works at our university. She types courses for students. She receives the professors' manuscripts and evaluates their complexity according to the number of pages, charts and graphics and then gives an estimate of the time necessary for typing them. The first printing offers the professor an overview of the course and he/she can make all the alterations that they consider necessary. Then she corrects all the errors and makes all the other necessary changes in order to give an attractive and well balanced look to each page. She turns the last printing into a matrix, which is then multiplied into the hundreds of copies you can buy and learn from.
Can you guess who the person is and what her job is?

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Welcome aboard. What was nice and what was otherwise in your English learning experience?

 Banks and Finances Ist year - Our first class
Economy of Tourism Trade and Services - First English class
Welcome to all of you to this new way of practising your English. I hope most of you will contribute your ideas in the best way you can and will enjoy communicating outside the classroom walls.
Therefore, your first comment will refer to the way in which you learnt English in school. I'd like you to first have a look at the funny video clip below.

1.Would you like to learn English like this? Why? Why not? There are always good and bad aspects of something, so bring arguments.
2. Now think about how you learnt English yourself. Is there something that you particularly remember with great pleasure? A project, a topic, a teacher? What do you think that helped you to improve? What is it that was boring, difficult or useless?  What methods do you prefer and why? I am looking forward to your colourful experiences.