Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Being an Erasmus ambassador

This is the latest Erasmus experience of Dimitrie Cantemir University teachers and one student, of teaching and studying at Jaen University, Spain.

In this post you can express your opinions, questions relative to the Erasmus programme and those of you who know, can answer. Also, you can address a message to Ionela, who is your colleague in second year at ECTS, studying economics in Spanish.

I've learnt....

A burst of pink in my garden
Reflection is a necessary part of our learning process. In this post you are invited to reflect on what you have learnt from life so far. So, in one sentence starting with: I've learnt............., tell us one of the truths you've discovered/re-discovered on your own.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

SWOT ANALYSIS - Our university

Last time we discussed about the SWOT and PEST analyses of a company and of ourselves.

In this post you are invited to write:
-one strength
-one weakness
-one opportunity
-one threat
of our University. Please read carefully the comments that were already approved and do not repeat what your colleagues have already mentioned.