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A day in the life of a company

After learning about a day in the life of a bank during the first term, you can listen to the following presentation about a day in the life of the famous Sainsbury's store:

Now it's your turn to speak about a day in the life of a company you/your parents've worked for or you'd like to work with.
Listen to the instructions below:

Instructions for blog post speaking: A day in the life of a company (mp3)

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First day at work

1.What sort of company is Andy starting work with?
2.What are some of the departments mentioned in the ad?
3.What image does the ad give of the company culture?
4.Would you like to work for a company like this? Why (not)?
5.How do you think Andy feels at the start of the ad? And at the end?
6.Why do you think McDonald's employed this clip to advertise their products?

Talk about your first day in a new job. If you have not worked at all, imagine what you will be doing in the first day of work. Don't forget to include: what sort of company it is, what are some departments? what is the company culture? what are your responsiblities? who do you report to and who do you cooperate with? how do you feel? what are your expectations?


Speaking about your first day at work (mp3)


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Adapted from: http://www.englishblog.com/business_english/

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Social networking – a future businessman's perspective

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Do you have a Facebook account? Twitter? Any other social networking site?

Read the following article on a case of Facebook bullying

From the business point of view, what can be some advantages and disadvantages of using social networking sites? Think from the perspective of you as a future a businessman and you as a present/future employee.

You can also search the Web to find positive cases or negative, as the one mentined above and tell us about them here in a few words.


Read the following text about some food myths that can cost you.

Is there something that you found out and you did not know? Or something you do not agree with?

Have you ever worked in a supermarket/restaurant/fast food? If yes, what would you like to tell the others about your experience regarding food, healthy eating?
Is there another food myth that you’d like to reveal?

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Computer language

What are homonyms? How many can you find in this dialogue about computers/fruit?