Friday, 18 January 2013

The two little mice

1. This is a farewell story for second year students. I told it to some of them in a more concise form during our last class in December.

For 1st year students, this is an example of storytelling for your final oral interview.

All of you can share here what you have learnt from it.

Finally, I hope we will keep in touch and you will return here to "brush up" your English. Communication is important!

Friday, 11 January 2013

A 3-2-1 warming up at the beginning of 2013

Dear students,
I am sharing with you the fact that I am a student in an international online course where teachers of of Business English from all over the world participate, from USA, Uruguay, Argentina, Europe, Vietnam, India, China, Australia, and  a lot more, learn how to better teach their students.

In the first warming up task we had to share information about one another in a 3-2-1 way:
3 things your hometown is famous for
2 things you couldn't live without
1 thing you are looking forward to

This is what I wrote:

3 things about my town
I don’t think you’ve heard about my town, Tirgu Mures - a nice small town  of about 150 000 inhabitants, situated in central Transylvania - except for maybe the fact that the region is associated with Stoker’s novel about Count Dracula.  Romanians know it for its:
beer – Newmarkt beer,
 first class medical school,
nearby salt-water lakes.

I could not find an interesting touristic presentation of it on the Internet - This will be my first project with the Tourism students! So you must come and visit it yourselves!

2. things I couldn't live without
 I would wither away without the love of my beloved ones and without water – I love swimming and the rain.

1. One thing I am looking forward to
 I’m looking forward to the spring flowers and to knowing better as many of you as possible, while, of course, becoming a better teacher.
DO YOU THINK YOU COULD HELP ME WITH 3 things Tirgu Mures is famous about? I'm pretty sure you have better inspiration!