Thursday, 17 February 2011

Let's Go shopping in our area

Shopping has become a modern pastime. It has been said the people have replaced going to church on weekends, to going shopping.

Below is a Red Wall (no grafitti :-)) where you are invited to share your ideas about how you enjoy to do your shopping. Read the questions at the top of the Wall and answer them there.
To post your answers on the wall, click on Post a sticky, then doubleclick anywhere on the page and answer one of the questions at the top of the Wall. Don't forget to write your name. You can also embed photos, add urls, YouTube movies that are linked with your answer.

So don't forget, post on the wall, not in the Comments area.

Before you comment on the blog, you can take the following Quiz. Let us know how it went:
Shopping terms on PhotoPeach

In the comments section you are invited to answer the following questions:
1. Which is your favorite shop in our area and why?
2. What is the most important criteria that you consider when buying?
3. Have you ever bought something you did not intend to? Why?
4. What shopping place would you recommend to a foreign tourist visiting our town? Why?
5.Is there an exquisite shopping place you've ever visited? Tell us about it.

As for me, my favorite shopping place is the open market place because it is more romantic. I like to look around for special flowers and even when I don't need one, I end up coming home with at least one. Well, even if I look at the price, when I really find something I like, this is crucial. For tourists visiting our town I would recommend the Souvenir shop in Tudor - they have very nice embroidered blouses.
The most exquisite place I visited I think was the Harrods in London. It is a unique experience and I especially enjoyed the Perfume and Chocolate and Tea departments. It's worth visiting (even if you don't buy!)

How about you?

Welcome Second Semester - your favourite word

Welcome to school again!

I am really thrilled to see that you have already posted your comments before we started.
I also hope you were successful in your exams and had a nice (
but short :-( )holiday.

We will have new and attractive subjects this term, so keep coming to our blog and sharing your ideas! Your opinions are important!

To start with, I'd like you to say Which is your FAVOURITE WORD IN ENGLISH and WHY?
BTW, have a look at the highway screen below - We're on!

My favorite word is TRUST.  I appreciate trustworthy people and usually my friends are people whom I trust. Although the American dollar has the slogan 'In God we trust' there is less and less of it nowadays and that is why 'trust' can be  more valuable than gold.

How about you? Which is your favourite word and why?