Sunday, 28 October 2012

Business ideas

Most people hold on their jobs for security but more adventurous souls follow a more challenging path. They become enterpreneurs working for themselves. Listen to one example below and do the quiz. 1. What is the result you obtained in the quiz? 2. Do you ever think of going to the country to live a simpler life? 3. Do you know of other examples of successful enterpreneurs in other fields, doing what they haven't been trained for? 4. If you were jobless what would you do? 5. Could you find on the Internet, for example, how to raise quails? What information did you find?


  1. Quails are small gamebirds that are used for eggs and meat. In fact, quail meat and quail eggs are considered a highly-valued delicacy. The small size of quail makes them an excellent choice for backyard farmers and city dwellers who are unable to raise larger species of poultry, such as chickens or ducks or geese. Quail can be raised in a smaller area than other poultry, and are relatively quiet and docile.
    Some individuals choose to build their own quail cage, while others utilize a pre-made coop, kennel or cage. One of the easiest ways to house your quail is to use a rabbit hutch. The small size and structure of a rabbit hutch makes it quite useful for raising quail. The first time you feed your quail, place the quail near the food dish to show them where it is located.
    Proper sanitation should be observed and followed with regular cleaning and disinfection. Vitamin premix can be added to drinking water to promote growth and improve laying performance.

  2. OK, Anca
    you found precious information on the quails. Could you now sum up your contribution? That is:

    what did you write about?

    It will be easier for your colleagues to continue commenting, so they will find different information on the Internet and in the end we will have all the information for anyone wishing to start a business with quails.

  3. I wrote some general information about quails and their eggs, about where they can be grown, about the way of feeding, about their maintenance and about the way in which we can improve laying performance.

  4. For next students commenting on this post:

    Read carefully all the information that was mentioned before, so that you do not repeat it.

  5. 1. What quiz?
    2. Yes, sometimes I do think of going to the country side and live a pure and paceful life, have my own farm and my own garden, but then I remind myself how nice it is to live in a big city (not Tg. Mures) and I forget about it.
    3. No, I don't know about other entrepreneurs, but you can find on the internet how to start a similar business with bees or rabbits.
    4. I am jobless and at the moment I'm not very concerned about it...
    5. To say something other than what Anca said I will give some info about quail eggs and some numbers in case anyone wants to start the business. Quail eggs contain 6 times more vitamin B1 and 15 times more vitamin B2 than a chicken egg and it's the only diet egg. ( I think that means that it doesn't contain bad cholesterol..)

    300 quails produce
    280 eggs/day x 30 days = 8400 eggs/month
    8400 eggs x 0.3 Ron = 2520 Ron
    food - 300 kg x 2.5 Ron = 750 Ron
    utilities - 100 Ron
    PROFIT - 1670 Ron

    How much are the cages and the incubators? Anca can find out.. :)) I'm estimating around 4000 Ron for the lot.

  6. Hi Claudiu,
    sorry about the quiz, I had to reduce the dimensions of the videoclip so the quiz is no longer seen. I will delete that question.

    Great calculations for the quail business!

    I am pretty sure that if you have a real business idea you won't betray it here and make it public! But it's interesting for you to find out about businesses and if they are profitable, hard to start,etc.

  7. 2. Yes, I would love to do that, but only with the possibility to go in the city every time I need or want to! :) I would love to live a relaxing and healthy life but I don't think I am that type of person that could live an exclusive life in the country... so, maybe rather a long drawn out vacation here.:)
    3. Yes, I have some friends that work hard in different fields, like E-commerce (online shopping platform for merchants and companies), developing centers with social assistance for children under three years old, making breaded beads bracelets or restoration of old furniture.
    4. I am always thinking at a business idea. My dream is to have a small cozy restaurant some day...
    5. Pros and cons on raising quails:
    - quail are more convenient than chickens to raise space wise; 500 quail can be raised in an area of 3 by 4 feet, and cages may be stacked on top of each other as Anca said; since quail are not “free-range” birds, there is no fear of them running away, as they can stay in their cages;
    - quail are much more efficient than chickens (the quail feed: egg weight ratio is 2:1 as opposed to chicken’s ratio which is 3:1);
    - quail meat and eggs are quite tasty and there are many different ways the meat as well as the eggs, can be cooked; a popular way to prepare the eggs is to pickle them.

    - they are pretty high in cholesterol

  8. I found beekeeping for honey very interesting; Honey is rich in vitamins and used in different areas in food, medicine, cosmetics and more. Honey contains over 400 organic substances that give tremendous therapeutic value. It is very healthy and prevents different kinds of diseases. Price varies depending on the type of honey but generally ranges from 15 to 30 lei / kg. Bees do not require a lot of work but certain conditions must be created for the honey produced to be of good quality. In my opinion it is a profitable business and also ,, healthy ”. Everyone should eat honey every day for better health.

  9. 2.I have never thought of going to the country to live a simpler life. This a good question for me. I live at house and my grandparents raise animals. Somehow, I am used to with these “jobs”. Always I dream to reach somewhere away, but to live at a country could be a happier life than at a city.
    3.I know a family’s friend who raises rabbits. It is pretty hard to raise them because they are very sensible at diseases. Another black point is that they have to receive lots of vaccines. Even if it is happen this he has a little farm and sells rabbits in other countries for their fur.
    4.If I was jobless I would raise caws. I would like to have a farm to prepare dairy products with no preservatives because nowadays we couldn’t find a market with real milk and cheese.
    5.Firstly, the quails are very small like chicks. They must have light and a constant temperature. Their eggs are more expensive than the chicken eggs and these are used for diseases’ treatments.

    1. Alina, raising cows used to be a job for many country people but nowadays fewer and fewer of them do that. Have you wondered why?

    2. I saw a reportage about this problem in Romania. All those people who raise caws don’t have a marketplace and this comes with a question. Why don’t they try to promote their products? As I said above, we need dairy products because if we want to drink milk we can’t. Is it real milk if its term of validity is up to a year? So, this could be one from the problems.

    3. I agree, Alina, just pay attention please, it's cow (with "o"), ok?

  10. 2. No, because i was born in the city, and i can not imagine living in the contry side.
    3. No, don`t personally know anyone changing their life 180 degrees doing what they haven't been trained for.
    4. For the moment i am focused on studing, i will know for sure in a few years.
    5. Yes. I found information about the diversity of the rase, how to assure that they are well treated.

  11. 1. In the past I have never thought about moving to the countryside, because I think it makes your life a little complicated, and I love the buzzing life of the city. Nowadays I am thinking more and more about the subject, because it’s much more peaceful in the little villages around here but I would need a car that’s sure.
    2. I have a good friend, who studied English-history, but he is now a successful manager.
    3. I don’t know, but I wouldn’t wait for anything to happen out of the blue, I would do a little research and I’m pretty sure I would find something that suits me.
    4. You can raise a large amount of quail in a small area. Many quail experts suggest a ratio of two to one (two females for every male quail). Coturnix quail make excellent quail for beginners because they start laying eggs at a young age (approximately 6 weeks) and can also be prepared and eaten at 5 weeks of age.

  12. 2. If I think to go to the countryside to live a simpler life? Hmmm....I didn't, but I think it would be interesting to spend a few days away from the crowds, the stress that we are used to. To do things that our grandparents did to survive. Certainly it would be very tiring but at the same time fun.
    3. Unfortunately many people are trained in a field but end up doing something else. Today eneryone is prepared to work at the computer, nobody wants a job such as farming (even if it is indispensable), because they consider it even if more and more people want to eat and live a healthy life.
    4. Of course that since I study economy, I hope to find after I graduate my studies, a job in this area. But meanwhile I want to practice and be a stylist. We are in a century when everyone lays great emphasis on hairstyles and haircuts, and anyway, we all must have our hair cut one day.
    So I believe that this job would help me.
    If we make a connection between farming and hairstyle we will find in common the desire to help and work for people.
    If we make a connection between farming and hairstyle we will find in common the desire to help and work for people.
    5. Quails are small gamebirds that are used for eggs and meat. In fact, quail meat and quail eggs are considered a highly-valued decalicy.
    Tips on Housing your Quail : Use are wire floor to keep your quail separated from their dropping. When choosing a house or coop for your quail, make sure there are no small holes through which your quail can escape. This can be a problem because many pet cages are not made to contain quails, whose small size makes them apt to squeeze through small holes. The largest holes your wire should have is 1-inch in diameter.

  13. 2. Yes, I seriously think to go and live in a poor country, like India, where you have only the facilities really needed for living and not any other luxurious and not necessary thing. I think the simple way of life is the best one to grew my children and show them which are the most important things in life.
    3.Outside the virtual environment, where are located the most successful stories of entrepreneurs, Paez, a shoe company founded in a spirit similar to the Brazilian Havaianas, added design to a popular footwear model and incorporate it into a brand and sell it to other markets thinking that somewhere in the world is always summer. The idea had big success and for 2013, the goal billing 5.5 millions $.
    4. If I was jobless, as I am at the moment, I don t know what I will do,because if I will knew I will already did it. At the moment I am studying, hoping that in the future I will have the possibility to get a better job …that I am able at the moment.

  14. Ionela, I hope you were joking, I mean going to live in India... And for sure you will get a job after you graduate.