Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Knowing one another - What parts of the world have you visited

This is the part of the world I have visited. I liked Spain and Barcelona a lot, Greece for the seaside, Istanbul for its bazars and the Baltic states for their history but I felt more "at home" in the United Kingdom because I encountered no communication barrier! There is so much left to see. You can generate your own map by going to the following site http://bighugelabs.com/map.php#top and clicking on the countries you have visited. Your turn: Tell us a few things about the foreign places you visited, what you liked and why.

Monday, 17 September 2012

A tiny challenge for the beginning of the new year

Welcome to school again and welcome to university to sophomores! This is a very simple story but a challenge for me (trying to apply a new tool, i.e.the gapped text) and for you to warm up or break the ice, whichever way you prefer. Let's see who is the first to fill in the gaps with the words given. You can hide the words or not and then check your answers:
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