Sunday, 10 October 2010

Welcome aboard. What was nice and what was otherwise in your English learning experience?

 Banks and Finances Ist year - Our first class
Economy of Tourism Trade and Services - First English class
Welcome to all of you to this new way of practising your English. I hope most of you will contribute your ideas in the best way you can and will enjoy communicating outside the classroom walls.
Therefore, your first comment will refer to the way in which you learnt English in school. I'd like you to first have a look at the funny video clip below.

1.Would you like to learn English like this? Why? Why not? There are always good and bad aspects of something, so bring arguments.
2. Now think about how you learnt English yourself. Is there something that you particularly remember with great pleasure? A project, a topic, a teacher? What do you think that helped you to improve? What is it that was boring, difficult or useless?  What methods do you prefer and why? I am looking forward to your colourful experiences.


  1. Realy, i like that movie, it's funny but i don't want to learn english in that way because is military regim and every smart child avoid this procedure. The good parts on that strategy is that we know fear...and when you stay and your are atention, remeber something, it' a saying:"it's hard, but worth it"...that bee the good part,and the bad side can be borring and you forced stay in school

  2. Hi
    I do appreciate your first comment and the reasons you have brought.
    Could you also answer the second question?

  3. Yes, I want to learn English online.An advantage of this type of learning is that you can study when you have time ,and a disadvantage is that you can not be instructed as to the course.I started learning English at college, but films and the Internet have really helped me to get in touch with the English language.

  4. 1. It is really funny to see how those people were teached to pronounce some words. Of course it's annoying that the soldiers learn words like "flower"... I wouldn't like to learn English like this because when you are forced to do something you do it without pleasure and it losts all its enchantment. You always have to find a way to love the things that you should do. In this case the 'teacher' ought to write amuzing senteces so that the 'students' were more interested.

  5. It's verry funny this video :)). In one way would be fun to learn like this , but would be just fun. I doesn't want to learn english like that . Every teacher has a way of teaching and if you want to learn you can learn anyway.

  6. 2. When I was a little girl,I liked to learn languages. So, at the end of the 2nd grade I knew perfectly German and then I started to learn English. My uncle had a girlfriend from the U.S.A. She send him a Birthday-card and this determined me to love English. It was a special postcard. It was white and had a special form, so you could open it, and once opened it got the form of the sentence "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" It was written exactly the same with capital letters. The text was coloured and full of glitter. I hid the postcard and every day when I wanted to learn English I looked at it and it gave me power. This is the secret how I learned English...

  7. Hello.
    I would love to learn english this way. He he. That was a joke:)) The video is really funny but that's all what i like about it.I don't like the shouting, that's not a really good way bo teach.I remember when I was in high school english was one of my favorite course becouse, my teacher was really calm and it was always a pleasure listening to him.
    The first time I heard the english language it was on Cartoon Network when I was a very little girl:)) And after that at the age ten I met at my grandma's village dutch people whit whom I am friends still,and whit them I spoke only in english every summer.Me and my two brothers , we always translated everywhere, so that really helped me to improve and I think english its not boring. I love it:)

  8. Dear students, Martika,
    It's great that you like English and are eager to share your thoughts about learning it.But...

    PLEASE ANSWER BOTH QUESTIONS (1, 2), otherwise your comments will not be approved.

    please pay attention to your spelling. There are very simple words which are misspelt: WITH, English, Dutch (capital letters), BECAUSE. We'll talk about the rest in class.

  9. Hi!

    I do not really like the way the teacher in this video acts towards the students because there is no way someone would want to learn English with a teacher like this, maybe only out of fear. He discriminates his students and if anyone tries to stand up and say something he is thrown out. Moreover, the things they learn in class are mostly useless and they will probably never use them.
    I learned English in school and also in private and I found it interesting when I had certain group projects, for example we had one about the European countries and I really enjoyed writing it and drawing and everything. I find English far from useless because nowadays it is basically the only language that everyone knows and most of the movies and books are in English.

  10. Oana,
    congratulations for your complete and original answers!

  11. Dear Teacher,
    I will pay more attention to my spelling.
    I forgot to answer the second question.I'm sorry.Wont happen again.
    For me its practical to learn English with the help of the internet,online.Unfortunately I can't come to every course, because I work, but that doesn't mean that I really like it like this.I want to say that its better to learn English in course ,when you actually talk in English with each other,exercise.

  12. 1.It's fun to watch this movie,but I don't want to participate in such an hour of English,because it's a military regime that I don't like at all.I want to learn English in a pleasant manner.Teacher most know how to capture the attention of students and needs to make them to love English.
    2.In school and in college I not really had a good experience for learning English,because the teachers did not deal with students.We never had to do projects,themes or essays.But I really want to learn English because is very useful and at the same time is a beautiful language.

  13. Hello,
    First, I would like to say that I loved this movie.
    Sincerely, I couldn’t learn anything with this kind of teaching, what to say about learning English:)
    In my opinion these presentation doesn’t have too many positive aspects. However, this kind of teaching could be useful for those ones who are undisciplined :),but today, this is not available anymore, especially in the universities, where the student is most likely his one master.
    In addition to authoritarian and aggression way, the movie also presents hierarchical nature of the differences (or social) in the group; these makes me even more convinced that I could not learn anything, because I like to think that we are all equal and the results are seen after work and effort of each…
    Being a child, I’ve learned English from TV (cartoons and movies). Then in elementary school, I had a great English teacher, with extraordinary patience and devotion for everything that she did. Combining “business and pleasure” she made me and many of my colleagues to love English. After three courses with you, I can honestly say that the method that you are using works perfectly.

  14. Hi teacher!
    1.I dont't want to learn English in this way it is not a good method to learn English e.g.this video they are in police and they are forced to learn English if they tries to tell or spell the sentece the teacher throw them out.If you learn English or something else will be usefull but for the students it is not usefull this lesson.
    2.I learn English in school,colege but I don't remember something nice ,the teacher don't done nothing special to do(project's).I like to read book's(Elizabeth P. Fleming Harriet Frank Jr.) olso the tv is a good method to learn English.If you want to learn English you will learn.Your method is very good i like'd.I want to learn many more.Thank's.

  15. 1.I wouldn't like to leran English that way beacause it's not pleasant. I would learn English with more pleasure if I liked the teacher, the profess way. Even if this video is funny when we watch it, I'm sure it wouldn't be the same for real.
    2.During school I had several English teachers and I don't remember many things.
    But for example I know a person, who is from USA, and we always talk in English (he doesn't know Romanian very well) and he tells me a lot of funny things which happened to him, while he was still living there.

  16. Hi teacher!
    1 In first of all I like this movie because has a lot of actions and actors are very good,but I don't like to learn English in that way because I don't like the military regime.
    2 The more English I learned in the high school ,and when I was out of country because I was forced to speak English so I can do in that country.

  17. Hi teacher!

    I like this video.Is funny to see how those people pronounce some words wrong, but in my case no comment.:-))))
    I don’t want to learn English in this way because is a communist style. I teach English in my free time and must learn.

  18. The way I see it, the movie is very funny and the actors are very good but I don`t like to learn English like this because nobody can`t force someone to learn or do everything.
    I think that is very practical to learn English with the help of the Internet because is something new for us and we can study home to.:)
    I learned English from cartoons when I was a little girl. More English I learned in school and college. Something that I particularly remember with great pleasure is my last college year teacher! I learned a lot of new things from her and that helped me a lot in the future.

  19. Hi teacher!
    I like this movie because is very funny and actors are very good. I don`t like to learn English in that way because military regim is strictly.
    I learn English at school but not very well because every year we had another teacher and we try to understand something the teacher is changing and for me it was very difficult. I hope to learn more now.

  20. 1. In my opinion this blog is very useful for english clases because we can work more easy this way and we can find out what other colleagues think about the subject posted here by you. I am happy that I can work at my english in an other way than the usual.

    2. I most enjoied learning english in 10th grade because during the entire yaer we had to make all kind of projects. The project that I really liked was about a country, so we made it about Roumania.

  21. Hi Teacher.
    Honestly, I wouldn't like to learn English in this way because from my point of view I would not learn anything, and if I would know something it be only because I'm afraid of my teacher. The bulk of my knowledge in English I got from the movies. As experience in learning English I can't say too much, because I never had a good teacher and I didn't put too much interest until now.

  22. I liked that short movie,it made me laugh,but I cannot learn like that because we don't live in the communist regime to go at school in fear and learn in fear.I'll give you an example with an teacher from the high school,he was very strict and he gave me headaches and I didn't learn his specialty because I hated him.
    In my opinion the bond between the student and teacher had to be more closest and to be communication between them.

  23. 1.This short movie is very funny,I wouldn´t like to learn English in that way because I would not learn anything.
    2.When I was a little girl,I liked very much the English language and I learned itt from movies with Tom&Jerry.In school I haven`t got a good teacher and I learned English from my own ambition.

  24. I particularly enjoyed the games we played during English classes while I was at highschool. I neverlike learning many new words,i Thought it was very boring. My favourite methods are the ones consisting in gap filling and interracting with coulleagues or anything that is not usual.

  25. 1. In my opinion, this blog is very use full and it helps us to learn English better and I am very happy that I can learn new things in an interacting way.
    2. I most liked to learn English by making project. The teacher I had in high school gave us to do many project about different things and I always made them with pleasure.

  26. Hello Teacher

    1.Is quite funny this short movie but I don't like to learn English in that way because don't like aggressive approach.Another aspect is discrimination for the people who have something to say and the fact that teacher don't like to hear it so throw them out.
    I like the way we learn English here in University because is interactive, creative and pleasant(I'm so sorry can't be there to every courses because I'm working).
    2.I didn't learn English in school. I started to learn it by myself when I was a dancer and had to go outside the country for festivals. Then I realized how important is to know a foreign language, especially English which is most used.Later on, was quite an advantage to speak/write English because I need it to my job.

  27. 1. THe movie is funny, but tht is not an efficient method of learning anything, especially a language, where you have to be patient and calm.
    2. It`s been a long time since i learned english, and i can`t remember something from a class.

  28. :)) It is a funny movie,I didn't saw it until now.It is a form of learning english but I don't know,it is a little bit to stressful.I don't like this method of teaching.I think we need silence and concentration to be able to assimilate.But in our case it should work better. :))

  29. This video is realy funny.However I don't like this kind of teaching,and I'm pretty sure that nobody wants.Really!Come on!Who wants to be traumatized instead of studying?Maybe i am exaggerating a little bit.
    I started to learn English in the fifth grade, but for me it wasn't an important domain;maybe because of the teacher,because they bored me.The teacher counts very much.All I can remember so far is about a teacher from the tenth grade;she brought for several times some artistical movies for the class,obvious the movies were in English.And after the movie we discussed about it, of course in English.I find this a good thing.And this is how i would like to learn English.(i think).I think that watching movies,English movies, stimulates the speaking in English and the vocabulary.(it's just a hunch)

  30. Liviu,
    what do you mean by 'in our case'?