Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Vedeţi imaginea la dimensiunea completăDear students, this is a challenge rather than a post. I challenge you to read the comments made by different students and hunt for mistakes - spelling or grammar errors. The winner - i.e. the one who finds the most mistakes - will get a prize. Surprize!


  1. Hello teacher,

    I think Szidonia make a spelling mistake in first comment, because repeat a word: ,,but I hope make make another''

  2. Dear students,
    I received very long lists of corrections! This is not what I intended this post to be, because nobody will read through long lists and the point will be missed. Nor will anyone dare write anymore.

    Instead, try to make a distinction between a real mistake, one that is recurring, and typos - typing errors which are due to speed typing and lack of double checking.

    Try to see what the point of the post was - i.e. to use present or past, etc. and if this application was correct or not.

    Also, try not to be mean when you correct someone! Instead, try to be polite. After all you are invited to collaborate, so please work like a team.

    Only comments taking into consideration the above mentioned criteria will be accepted here!

  3. Hello :)
    I think that mihaela_no_18912 has some litlle grammar and spelling mistakes like "invitations" instead of "guests".

  4. Hello teacher ....
    My name is Annamaria Matyas .This is my first comment . :-)

  5. So this is a mistake Annamaria ?That you`ve post a comment?We are very proud of you:))

  6. May I make a suggestion? If I am allowed, in order to correct our mates there should be more posts, otherwise I would be forced to make mistakes and correct them myself. I hope I am at least a bit funny.
    Oh, and classmates, DO NOT FEEL UPSET, we want to learn here not get grades!!!:)

  7. I think I found a little mistake.In the Guess The Place theme, some of the coleagues didn't looked at the earlier posts,and they didn't saw that the place in the picture was already recognized.