Sunday, 28 November 2010

NEWS TIME - you're a reporter

It's news time! All you have to do is WATCH TV, read the News on the Internet, in the newspaper, listen to the radio and then in about 50 words, let your colleagues know about something interesting, exciting, not necessarily bad news (we have a lot  of that). Explain why you chose that news a  mention the source you used.

Eg. Although not necessarily breaking news, I read on Yahoo news about a thrilling event: Prince Williams' wedding with Kate Middleton in spring or summer next year. William offered Kate his mother's blue diamond ring as engagement present. There are many speculations about her wedding dress, the church where the event will take place. Their wedding day, April 29th has been declared a Bank holiday. Sales and travels are expected to boost during that period.

 Prince William and Kate Middleton

Now it's your time. Keep us posted! Don't forget to rephrase the event in simple language.


  1. Singer Alicia Keys has launched a fundraising campaign dedicated to fighting AIDS worldwide,on the ocasion of December 1,this day is dedicated to fighting AIDS.
    Many stars will fall on Tuesday,on Silenzio Stampa,watching millions of fans and their messages in the hope that,the fans will be able to mobilize and raise a million dollars,following their approche.
    I choose this news because I think this is made from the heart and is for people who need help.

  2. The English police officers thought that the Romanian citizen Bogdan Paduret was killed by two men who were on a motocycle.He was killed in his car in front of hes house from Tillingbourne Gardens.The ambulance arrived at the crime scene but they couldn't do anything.He was shot in the head two times and declared dead.

  3. The house of a Romanian family from Portdawn town , North Irland , was attacked on Saturday evening. Some people threw bricks in the house windows. This was the second case reported in the town in less than a mounth.
    In the house were the two Romanian adults and three kids aged four , five and four months old.

  4. The meteorological conditions from Great Britain are some of the most severe for the last decades.
    Many roads between Cornwall and Scotland were closed because of the meteorological conditions and the temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius and most of the schools from this zone were closed.
    The snow reached even 40 cm in thickness in some places. The authorities advised the people to remain in their houses till the weather returns to normal.

  5. The Sun Plaza Mall from Bucharest had enetered in the Guinnes Book of Records for the biggest Christmas Indoor Insalation ever, which includes 449.658 lights! At the event was invited Laura Cosoi, Mayor Cristian Popescu Piedone, General Manager of EMCT Michael Richard and also a representativ team of Guinnes Book of Records which validated the record.
    The event was held Thursday, in 25th of November where 1000 people have waited impatiently for the event to begin.

  6. Hello everybody! My name is Szidonia and you are watching 4us TV. We have some breaking news: on November 28 Leslie Nielsen, the well-known actor, died. You saw him in films like: "Airplane!", "The naked gun", "Zero hour", "Airport", "Soul Man", "Spy Hard" and so on...
    The causes of his death were complications of pneumonia. He died in a hospital near to his house and was surrounded by his family and friends. Rest in peace Leslie Nielsen! That's all from Florida for now, back to the studio. Goodby!

  7. Russia will hold the 2018 edition of the tournament's final World Cup, according to the votes expressed, on Thursday in Zurich, the 22 members of FIFA's Executive Committee.

  8. Great Szidonia,

    that's a real reporter! You can thing of working as one some day.

  9. I read on "descopera" newsletter about a military project launch by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). The project it's about a vehicle that drives like a car but at the touch of a button the car turns into helicopter. This vehicle could replace the old humvee used by US. army in Afghanistan and Irak. The prototype of this vehicle could be ready by 2015.
    I chose this news because I am passionate of military vehicles and I think that this is a briliant idea that will save many lives.

  10. Component of the Romanian national champion Oltchim Ramnicu Valcea, Cristina Neagu, was nominated for the title of "Handball 2010" by the International Handball Federation.Cristina Neagu will "fight" for the most important distinction with four other world-famous names on the European continent.Handball title of the year was won in 2009 by Allison Pineau (France).

  11. The fire from Israel was started by two teenagers from the village of Isfiga, Israel. The two teenagers have been arrested, being accused for starting the fire that devastated the region from thursday morning. The two teenagers have started the fire during a picnic organised in a glade, after they left the picnic place without putting out the fire. The fire that devastated from thursday the wood from Mount Carmel claimed 41 human losses.

  12. Adriana,
    why did you choose to speak about this incident?

  13. A teenager from Berlin was very sorry for stealing songs from Lady Gaga,Kelly Clarckson and other singers from the Internet. The hacker sold them online as some of them were previously unrealesed. The 18-year-old says: "I'm sorry for everything I've done — I never thought it would go so far... we were only interested in the music." Now he might go to jail.
    I chose this story because I found it incredibly funny,though a bit too serious (the jail part). My source was Yahoo News (

  14. ​Romanian will build the biggest laser in the world with an investment of 280 million euro and IBM could build a regional research center at Targu Mures, central Romania. On the political scene, Social Democrats agreed to form an alliance with the Liberals, but the Liberals did not make a decision yet. Those who stay in Bucharest over the week end can enjoy various Christmas fairs to choose gifts from.

  15. Good after noon,

    I’m Maria B from News TV and transmitting for you from Rumanian Seismology Institute.
    An earthquake measuring 3.2 on the Richter scale occurred on the night of Wednesday to Thursday in the Vrancea zone at a depth of 146 kilometers, according to information on the Rumanian Seismology Institute.
    The quake was felt in cities Teghii Mouth, Siriu, Lopatari, Nereju and Zagon.
    Some others small replicas are expected in the very future but not so important to make worry about.
    Sent for you Mary B, reporter from News TV

  16. Well, Maria
    I liked your translation of Teghii Mouth....and the fact that you speak about a past event.

    And since you are at the Institue of Seismology, could you ask the specialists if they can warn us of such future events?

  17. Breaking news!The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be organized by Quatar!It's the first time in history when a football World Cup is organized in the Middle East.The sheik who reprezented Quatar at the elections, said in his speech:"Just tell us what we have to do,and we'll do it".The buget for investments in the new stadiums and the other things they need is over 14 billion U.S. dollars.

  18. Why did you choose to talk about an event that will take place in 2022???

  19. Because I thought it is an interesting information for those who didn't know.And it is a historical moment in footballs history.Like I said is the first time when a World Cup is organized in The Middle East.

  20. Good Morning Everybody!!!
    I'm transmitting in live from the Artemio Franchi stadium in Florence,Italy,after a soccer mach between Fiorentina and Cagliari.Mutu did a very serious thing and for that Florentina will not allow the striker to move on this month.
    In live was Kovacs iulia!Good Bye!!

  21. Singer Alicia Keys has launched a fundraising campaign dedicated to fighting AIDS worldwide,on the ocasion of December 1,this day is dedicated to fighting AIDS.

  22. Good evening
    We interrupt you're regular program with a shocking news.
    The year of 2011 began with a proportional air disaster.A terrible plane crash has occurred near to town Orumiyeh in northwest Iran. Of 105 people on board only 26 escaped alive.77 people died and another 2 were missing.Although Iranian authorities have not yet announced the reason of the catastrophe, it seams that the bad weather caused the crash. The pilot tried all sorts of maneuvers but without success.

  23. Hello everyone ,this is Maria and as you know by now it‘s time for the breaking news:
    Victoria and David Beckham parents again!…Victoria Beckham’ spokesman announced that ‘Posh Spice’, the former component of the group Spice Girls, will become mother for the fourth time this summer; she is pregnant in three weeks….and this is a lovely news indeed. Victoria and David would like a little girl with the three boys whom they have :Brooklyn(11 years),Romeo(8 years) and Cruz(5 years). We’ll have to wait because is too early to know, but meanwhile…keep in touch!
    Until next time…I wish you all the best .

  24. Good evening folks and welcome to the daily news buletin presented by Moraru Sergiu live with you today in our studio from Reghin. I'm here to inform you that TV star Serban Huidu has almost fully recovered from his injury. For those who don't know he had an accident while he was skiing and hit his head. After the accident he was in a coma for a period of the time but after succesfully recovered. Stay tuned for more information.

    PS: I chosed this news because Serban Huidu is one of the TV people which I admire alot because of his show Cronica Carcotasilor. The sourse I used was the news from Pro TV.

  25. As a want to-be reporter myself I would like to raise a question. Since all the bad news are about someone murdering someone else, or the economy going down, and all of the good news are about celebrities.
    I want to know where the person who created Live Leak is and how he is trialed. In case you have forgotten, it was all over the news 2 weeks ago. Someone knew how to hack in the government’s computer and publish some “juicy” fact and conversations between high members of the state. What happened there? Is he already dead by treason or by being a triple, quadruple agent?

  26. Really, in 2010, for 6 months i was an moderator at our local televizion, DAReghin TV, and i presented here for 6 months the "School TV" Show.

    Both City Hall and the builders Bogle (Germany) and Astaldi (Italy) promised completion of the project "National Arena from May next year.
    At first glance you say that's ready but is not. It will be the largest stadium in Romanian soccer, built according to the highest standards, with a capacity of 55,600 seats.

  27. Helloo ,I just finished reading the "Gandul" magazine and I want to make a little announce:
    Meteorologists announced that from Friday evening to Sunday evening will snow all over the country, most abundant in the southern half and the wind will be intensifying, blowing snow.
    Between 21 January, 18:00 - 23 January, 23:00 will snow across the country, most abundant in the southern half.
    At the beginning of the period,in the seaside area,in Baragan and Dobrogea ,the rainfall will be predominantly in the form of rain, isolated quantitatively significant.
    I chose this news because I find it usefull,and it healps everywhone who reads it.

  28. Vild,
    yes, reading about weather is really useful and informative.
    Do you think all news are useful? Why do people listen to news then?

  29. Well,No, not all news are important.There are a lot of useful news.
    (I hate news.)
    I think that there are many people who listen the news because they have nothing else to do.And there are people who listen the news because they are interested in news,they want to know what happens in theyr country.