Friday, 14 January 2011

Live on TV tonight - congratulations for students working on this blog

Click on the button in the middle of the image below to listen to the news:


  1. Dear Teacher! It is a great pleasure to write, learn and create in English. I enjoyed every moment on the blog and I hope that in the future we would still could post on the blog because is a good and easy way to learn and develop our English skills.
    Dear colleagues, I wish you good luck at the exams!

  2. Dear teacher, was a pleasure to be able to write on this blog.I hope that we could post in the future .... because in this way can learn English more easily.
    Good luck on exams dear colleagues;)

  3. Hello Teacher!I'm happy that I can write on the blog,in this way we can learn,practice and discover our English skills.Thank you teacher for this oportunity!

  4. Hi everyone,
    First I want to thank my colleagues and my teacher that gave you the opportunity to work together on this blog.
    On this occasion I have enriched my vocabulary and I learned many new words.
    I hope that this year my colleagues to work harder, and I strive to get more.
    I hope you appreciate our work as a teacher.

  5. Hello teacher.I'm glad you gave us the opportunity to work on this blog,because that helped me a lot,and I want to send colleagues good luck in the upcoming exams.

  6. Congratulations for your hard work on our behalf and hope to see you posting in the second quarter and the blog,thanks Teacher!.

  7. Thank you very much for the oportunity you gave us by working on the blog. It was a real challenge and i would like to apologize for not attending all your classes, and i hope that we'll have the chance of working on this blog in the following years. Thank you and i good luck for my colleagues at the exams.

  8. Dear teacher,
    I love this way of learning English because I find it verry funny and interractive. It is alot better than just sitting arround and reading some old books. I think this is a verry modern and practical way of learning English rather than the old boring ones.

  9. Dear Teacher,it's a pleasure for me that I can write on this blog,to say my own opinion about the themes posted by you.A lot of thanks for your help,because you realy help us a lot.Have a nice day!

  10. Hello teacher!I want to thank you for this opportuninty that you given me to write and to share comments with my colleagues.I learned a lot and I need more.Good job.

  11. Dear students,
    I am glad you enjoyed working on the blog.
    I also wanted to thank you for contributiing and that is why I asked for it to be mentioned on TV Ș-)

    Don't worry, next term you'll also have this chance.

    However, you'll be more and more speaking to one another not to me!

  12. Dear Teacher I want to thank you whit this occasion for your hard work and the opportunity to learn on this blog English.

  13. Dear students,
    I also learned from you:
    - that you have fascinating stories
    - that you are brave and have learnt to use technology
    - that you can learn and improve

    See you soon, after the exams and the holidays.

  14. Dear Teacher,I just want to let you know that this is the way I love to learn English.And is real good,and easiest to learn English like this.Thanks for the opportunity!

  15. Hello everybody
    Don't want to repeat what my colleagues already said about working on this blog just want to thanks for the good job you've done here,teacher, for interesting subject you've find to challenge us and for the way you made us to love learning English.
    I can't wait to see next challenges.
    Good luck at the exams, everyone!

  16. Dear teacher, thank you for this opportunity, which we have provided. It is a great way to learn and to exchange views with colleagues. I'm glad that we have the opportunity to work further on the blog. Good luck on exams dear colleagues!

  17. Hello everyone,
    I´m glad to be here with you again. How are you? I wish you all the luck in the world and get to know each-other better. I would like to see all 10´s at the English examen :)

  18. I enjoy writing, speaking and listening in this blog. I found many interesting ideas and I improved my English. Thank You For this!