Tuesday, 5 April 2011

CRIME STORY TIME! - competition with real prizes

Do you watch crime movies, such as Midsomer Murders? Have you read Agatha Christie?

Now it's time for you to write a crime SCENE (NOT THE WHOLE STORY in about 100 words) in a crime story starting from one of the videos below.
You may include describing the scene, character/s, facts that happened, are happening, or are going to happen. Give it a suitable title.

This is a competition and there will be real prizes for the winner/s.
Challenge your imagination!


  1. Cold blood murder

    Thomas came home to his wife, Rebecca, like on any other day. The sun was calmly coming trough the window through the curtains on this lovely afternoon.
    He sat down on the armchair he loved with a whisky on the rocks looking around the room and accepting it was his property. He thought about it for a moment and then he watched his beautiful pregnant wife preparing to take a bath. He had beautiful black curls and pale skin and her tummy was carrying…a bastard.
    He waited for her to get in. Calmly he pulled a chair next to her. He was serious… He told her he knew it wasn’t his child. Rebecca turned at him terrified. He pressed her hands around her neck and pushed her head beneath the water. She struggled, wanting to live for her baby but it was useless. He put his badge and weapon on the table, turned round to look at his wife’s white eyeballs… she was a beautiful corpse, but a cheating one… she deserved her death…
    He would call it in as an accident, who wouldn’t believe the most honored cop in the region?

  2. Kirov Park Meeting

    ....and suddenly, Vladimir's phone starts ringing. He hesitates for a couple of seconds, but then decides to answer the phone. After finishing his conversation, Vladimir told me to get ready to go because he had some business. I didn't know what he was up to, I only noticed that he was nervous. It was a cold winter night in St. Petersburg, nothing out of the ordinary, except Vladimir's strange behavior after talking on the phone. We arrived in Kirov park at 01.00 AM. Vladimir told me to wait in the car, but I was too curious, so i followed him into the park, where something incredible happened. He was talking to a known Russian crime boss, when suddenly Vladimir took out his gun and shot him in the head. After killing the gangster, Vladimir turned around and saw me, and that was the day I died. The end.

  3. Sympathy for the devil
    While Caroline was playing with Mike,her 3 years old sun,she saw something unusual in the tub. It was something like a black hole that then disappeared. Caroline was terrified and she called her husband but he didn`t hear her scream. Caroline decided to stay calm and she tought that it`s only her imagination because of the stress and because the trip that has taken made her tired.But after a while,when she looked again in the tub,closely , the black hole reappeared. When she saw it again,the hole seemed bigger and very,very scary.
    In that moment,Caroline ran at her husband who was in the kitchen and yelled at him to help her. When John saw her in that way,he hold she in his arms and tried to calm her but it was useless. Caroline told John all that she saw in the bathroom,then they ran there to see what happened with Mike,because he remained there this whole time.
    When they arrived there,Mike was gone,and the only thing that went out of the water was a duck made of plastic,Mike`s duck. Caroline and John were scared as dead and they began to search Mike in all the house,but nothing,Mike was nowhere. They called the police,told them all that happened,and they told them that something supernatural happened in their house,but it was unbelievable and nobody believed them.
    After a week,they find Mike dead in the garden in an unthinkable and terrible way. It was a drama,the drama of the city they were live into, a drama that nobody is sure what was about,if there was something supernatural or not. So, do you believe in supernatural events? It`s a question you are free to answer at. Why not to try to do it?

  4. The Strange Phone...

    Everything happened in a cold winter night, when Maria, my cousin was home alone, because her parents had to leave town.At 12:00 she finished her homework and decided to take a shower.After a few moments,she realized that the bathroom window was open, and when she approached to close the window suddenly a strange animal jumped on it,and killed her.
    The strangest thing was that at 4:00 her mother recived a phone call from her.After 30 minutes when she got home, she found her daughter dead. The question is...who had called her mother???

  5. ....She had been watching them for a long time. She knew what they were doing every minute of everyday. She watched them go to sleep, she watched them get up, always waiting for that dreadful day to come. In the morning the father left the house ,a thing which he would probably always regret deeply. She went inside the house, reaching quietly for the bedroom's doorknob. You could hear a soft humming coming from inside. The nanny was giving the little boy a bath. The woman got inside and reaching for the gun she said:' If you can't be mine, then you will not be anyone's child'.

  6. It was a lovely Sunday afternoon in the funfair.The summer breeze was delighting the kids sun-kissed skin and there was an explosion of all these different smells:candyfloss,popcorn,freshly ground spices.
    In all this hustle and bustle of enthusiastic visitors,you could hardly have noticed this strange boy in striped overalls with a shabby bear in his hands standing beside the merry-go-round ,with sad soft eyes and a awkward grin.He was in his early teens,orphan,the only one that knew his name was Carols,and this only happend when he had a new delivery to do.He came to the funfair once a month,to watch the young couples playing with their children,and his presence there was always ignored,almost phantomatic.A shadow appeared on his face he thought:'Tonight we're going to have a decent meal,mr.Bear!Carlos said I should pick a healthy looking child for that organs delivery!
    ---Later in the evening---
    'Incredible!It's the 4th kidnapping this year!said sheriff Jefferson.'It won't be long until it gets on the front pages!You'd better come up with a good explication why we don't know anything,cadet!

  7. Olivia Prescott a 17 years young, is the most popular high school student where she study and besides being beautiful is the head of promotion.
    In one of these days when Olivia stayed at home alone and while preparing to take a bath, Marta a high school classmate makes her an unexpected visit, Marta which was characterized as a invisible high school girl or rather the one which everyone laughed at. Olivia was very surprised by her visit ...
    The purpose of the visit was certain.... to kill Olivia for her best friend that she loved secretly and he was in love with Olivia... and her plan paid off ... Martha shot her and placed Olivia in the tub …

  8. The cat

    Jane is taking a bath,she is very sad,because her cat died.Suddenly,the water became blood,a cat appeared in the bathroom and killed her.

  9. It was raining and the children came home. Dad tells them to go to the bathroom and take their usual shower. Marius goes but his brother Nick cannot simply give up his favorite cartoon on TV.
    But suddenly there's a blackout and Marius screams for help. A stranger comes out of the closet and heads for the bathroom.... When the father gets there with a candle he could hardly find among the kitchen things, he's horrified: inside it's only Marius' rubber duck floating on a full bathtub and the water drip, drip, drip from the shower above....

  10. An unusual night

    Hearing the bedroom door close very loudly,Tom woke up.It was midnight.There was a storm outside,so he thought that was the reason for the door closing.Surprised,he looked at the windows.They were shut so the wind couldn't have closed the door.Tom turned on the lights,took his baseball bat,and slowly opened the door.Everything seemed normal.However,there was a dripping noise coming from the bathroom.Opening the bathroom door,he noticed that the lights were on and the bathtub was full of water.While looking surprised at the bathtub,a rubber duck surfaced from under the water.Taking a better look at the water,Tom noticed that there was something in the bathtub.Looking closer,he saw a face coldly staring at him.Soon,he realized it was a dead body.Panicking,he quickly ran to the phone to call the police,but saw the phone on the floor,smashed to bits.Next to it,there was something written on the floor with a red,blood-like color.Reading it,Tom paralyzed.The text said:"You're next!".Before he made any move,he heard someone violently knocking on his door.He quickly realized that it couldn't have been the same person that dumped the body in the bathtub;if the murderer wanted something from Tom he wouldn't have exited his flat.Then he heard a very angry voice from the door saying:"OPEN THE DOOR OR I'LL FORCE IT OPEN!!!".Tom wanted to run but his flat was at the 8th floor of the building.What was he going to do?...

  11. A horrible surprise

    Mister Jones entered the door. A terrifying silence dominated the house. The single noise he heard was the dropping of water in the bedroom. He opened the door and looked into the bathtub. Then a toy-duck appeared in the water. He looked into the water and he found a box at the ground of a bathtub. He took the box and opened it. The box had a mirror inside, fixed at the superior part of the box, there was also a letter inside. It contained two sentences. LOOK IN THE MIRROR. YOUR TIME IS OVER! When mister Jones looked into the mirror he saw a shadow and a shot interrupted the scaring silence...

  12. Scary night...
    It was a rainy night. Mary and Natasha planned a pijama party with the other girls. Shortly, all the girls arrived and they started to party! Mary went to the bathroom but she didn`t came back for a while... Natasha went to see what is happening with Mary but.. the same story! The girls were a little bit scared but they went to the bathroom to see what is really happening. Meanwhile, Natasha and Mary`s parents arrived home and they looked all around the house for the girls and, when they got to the bathroom...there was just the little yellow toy duck in the bath tub full of water!

  13. The Last Bath
    Amy was lying on the bed trying to get up,but her headache was so strong that she can hardly move from one place to another.She thought it was the wine from the last night party,not having any idea that her lovely husband is trying to kill her.he put her some drugs on the wine glass so that today she'll be ill and not too consciousness and his plan of killing her will work out easily if plan is followed.She heard the dropping water and she knew that her husband was preparing her bath as he often used to do it.As she was getting closer to the bathroom she heard the music.her music.her husband was waiting for her thinking how he'll spend the rest of his life with the money from her life insurance on her house with his mistress not knowing anyone what really happened on that evening in the bathroom with her...how his crime worked out.....probably the wine from the last night party...

  14. Killer baby face

    Everything happened in the summer of 1999,when James was taking a shower.He came home from a trip with his friends and everything was so great until that night.His best friend Ashton came on James's house with a knife and entered on the bathroom.With the knife on his hands said:why so serious?Lets put a smile o that face,and killed him and than dissapeared with his dead body.In the bathroom reamined just that yellow rubber duck floating on a full bathtub.Nobody knows why Ashton killed James mostly because they were like the brothers.

  15. It is a storry about a serial killer.It happend in the summer of 1980.Her name was Allice.She was diturbed a few times because shes phone was ringing.She answer the phone but there was nobody.This thing happend almost every they.Suddenly she recived a letter with some word glued on a piece of paper.It was a man who was following her.He was obsessed about her. She called the police and they investigated the case.They got to he's home and found a lot of pictures with Allice.So they knew that man was following her every where and he’s also dangerous.They are starting to search for him every where but it was to late.Allice went to take a shower because it was to warm outside.The killer was already in her home waiting for his moment.When she turned on the watter he entred her bathroom and killed her without any remorse.He has vanished when the police came.They couldn’t find him so the killings have continued until today.

  16. I if I had a million dollars I wold invest it in a family business , build a house, about this would be a priority, but I would go on holiday too.

  17. .. It was a chilly night and only the moon lit up Mary's garden. Out of nowhere, two dark eyes appeared. He was just sitting there in the bushes, carefully watching her every move. She had no idea what was going to happen. Without suspecting a thing, she went out for a walk to clear her mind but little did she know what was going to happen. After hearing a strange sound, she became frightened and hastened the pace. It was to late tho, he was already on her trail. She panicked and started running but she didn't notice that she was heading for a dead end. There, he got to her and revealed his face. It was the ex husband, who apparently couldn't get over the thought that she had rebuild her life with someone else. He brutally stabbed her several times and then hid her body in a trashcan. The next day her body was found and the police started an investigation but with no result. No one had seen or heard anything so later, because of the lack of evidence the police had to case the close. The killed got away.. this time..

  18. It is a sunny morning, the police telephone is ringing, there is a strange voice on the phone .... a woman that is in terrible pain, a voice crying calling for help. The line has been discontinued. Police detect the place where phone was made. Urgently run there. When they get there they see an old carousel .....an feminin voice from the forest is coming. Astonished the policemans see a woman naked in front of them ... seems to be raped ... with eyes removed ...and the face full of blood. They realize .... the serial rapist has struck again.

  19. Do or die
    In the competitive world of privileged youth, a popular student at a private school is murdered.
    Laura is the victim of a jealous colleague, Marie that can´t support seeing her with Tom her best friend. Hiding in the school's bathroom, Marie find the perfect moment to attack Laura, with the only purpose to freak the victim. But pushing her with the head on the washbasin Laura dies.
    The cops have a big problem. Who wants to murder the most popular girl in the school? Everyone? A jealous girl, or an ex boyfriend? The case become really interesting when the cops discover that the victim was the witness of a sexual relationship between a student and a teacher... So, as the motives multiplies the suspects does too.

  20. Killing the Duck

    So it goes like this (it all starts from the idea of the first movie)

    It's a chilly spring summer, when 20 days born little duck think's that it's time for a bath. She goes from the barn in the house, from the house up the stairs in the bathroom, she climbs the toilet, and than the toilet tank. From the toilet tank she attend's to jump in the bathtub, and she manages to do that.
    But a snake also wishes to take a bath in the same bathtub, and he was there before the duck came, but when she heard it, the snake has hide underneath the bath tub. So the duck jumped, she was all happy and swimming in there, and all of the sudden some creepy music started to play, and the duck got scared, the snake knew than that it was his turn to attack the duck. The music went louder and creepier, and the duck was really really frighten. The snake jumped from underneath the bathtub, into the water, and.....

    That's it. thank's for reading, if you want to make a movie with me please don't hesitate to contact me :)

  21. After midnight

    Dr. Constantine, has determinate that the crime has occurred between midnight and two o' clock in the morning. The suicide is ruled out because the victim was stabbed ten - fifteen times.The window was left opened , but Mr. C thinks the this was done purposefully to make someone think the murderer escaped out the window. If the murderer has escaped on the window he would have left footprint's in the snow.The door was locked and chained on the inside.It appears that the murderer is still on the train ....

  22. ...it was a cold winter night and a snow storm has stopped the Countess Henriette to go farther in her carriage to South Hampton and she ordered her equipage to stop to an Inn which appeared to them at the corner of the road. Her maid had been send before her to speak with the holder of the Inn and see they shall be received there as appropriate.
    The Countess arrived there and went to her room.
    When she entered the room, she heard a strange sound...like someone dragged a chain upon himself...She called her maid and she asked her if she had heard it. The maid said she had not heard anything and the Countess sent her away....After a while she decided to go to bed and when removing the sheets from the bed she saw blood...she immediately call for the Inn keeper and he swore the stain was not there when they come because he watched himself how the maid changed the sheets...Then, the Inn keeper send the maid to change the sheets again and then left the room. When all left the room, the Countess went to sleep.
    While sleeping, she dreamed a young woman dressed in white, who was running in a park from a man who was dragging a chain after him...the woman was screaming and running...and the Countess.............................................................

  23. The duck appears suddenly. The hunter is taken by surprise. He pulls the gun on his right eye and he fires in a hurry. The duck disappears again. Is the hunter more lucky this time or the duck just fly away?

  24. Scary duck

    One day, I went to visit my cousin who has two children.House door was open, so I went inside the house and I heard a strange sound coming from the bathroom.I was pretty scared, but still I wanted to see what happens in the bathroom.Slowly I opened the bathroom door and I saw the bathtub which was full of water.Suddenly a duck came to the surface.

  25. The deadly tub

    ...it was a calm afternoon at Miller's residence. Hellen, the wife of a very wealthy businessman, was alone at home. She was preparing to take a bath, before meeting with his husband, to take dinner. She went into the bathroom to let the water flow into the bath tub.While she was preparing to get into the tub, the phone rang.Her husband called to cancel the meeting. After the phone call the lady hurried back in the bathroom, reminding that the water was still flowing into the tub.In the hurry of turning off the tap, Hellen slips on the already wet floor and hit a side of the bathtub with her head.Unfortunately the accident was fatal for the 37 years old woman.

  26. A filthy murder

    It was almost midnight, and she was getting ready for a bath. She first went to the bathroom and filled the tub with water. The little duck she loved so much was floating on top of the water. What she didn't know tho was that someone was watching her every move. She had no idea what was going to happen so without any retains she started taking off her clothes. She heard the door opening but she thought it was just her imagination. Before she could even turn around he was already there and hit her in the head. She suddenly fainted but she didn't wake up at all from that faint. The next day she was found dead in the tub.

  27. It was a day like any other; A 26 year-old girl ,named Cynthia ,went out to have a good time at a concert in Detroit. Like many people at concerts, she got a little bit tipsy and started talking to a man that was showing her some attention named Flynn. Cynthia was last seen as ,Flynn, carried her into a wooded area for what onlookers just assumed would be innocent fun. Instead, Flynn had much more sinister plans. When he had Cynthia away from the eyes and ears of the rest of the concert goers he raped her and then choked her to death. The next day Flynn even bragged to a coworker that he had killed a woman the night before. Cynthia's decomposing body was found a week later.

  28. It was evening, Kevin was at the airport going on a business trip. Because of stormy weather, the flight was cancelled. Kevin rushed back home, hoping to make a surprise for Kate, his wife. David's car, was parked in front of his house. On entering the house he heard laughter in the bedroom. With a knife in his hand he went to the bedroom. He has shocked ... David was in bed with his wife. Without any mercy, he decided to kill them both. He buried them near an amusement park behind the house. In the morning the rain stopped. Thinking of what he had done he decided to kill himself.
    Indeed, the proverb: "Love can kill '' is true.