Friday, 13 May 2011

Google Doodle: OH CHARLIE CHAPLIN - "wandering angel"

Watch the funny clip with the famous protagonist Charlie Chaplin and then write short screenplays (dialogues of at least 4 replies) for different scenes in it. Use your imagination and be creative.
We may perform the best creations in class.

Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0

ALTERNATIVELY, for more mature dialogues ( :-)) here's an awesome example of baby talk. Can you try to translate the essence of it into adult language?

And here's an anticipated bonus for the most creative writers: Victor Socaciu's hit - a great song for the great Charlie. Enjoy!


  1. Charlie: O my god, just one word in this newspaper!(threw)
    Police: what are you doing here?!
    Charlie: ups! Sorry, just reading the news! , leave me alone!!!
    Charlie: I'M going to make a portrait! Huh! I' ve changed my mind!,
    Charlie: I want A cookie !
    The seller: 5 bucks!
    Charlie: I HAVE just one buck!
    The seller: Ok! 3 bucks
    Charlie: I don’t have money!
    Charlie: I have aN idea!! Give me you clothes!
    The seller: here?!
    Charlie: Yes here!! So go to eat something and when you come back I will give them back!

  2. Charlie: O my God! This newspaper is so boring! let`s cook something.
    Police: Sir! you`re not alowed to cook here! Please go away or I will arrest you!
    Painter: Mister!Mister!Come be my model for this drawing!
    Charlie: Who!? Me? What a nice surprise!
    Painter: Get out of here! You`re such a clumsy person!
    Seller: Come here buy a muffin!
    Charlie: Sorry, I got no money... but wait, I will make you a surprise! Let`s switch places, I`ll make you double profit!
    Seller: Thank you sir! Please have a muffin now. It`s free!
    Charlie: OK! Thank you! See you around.

  3. Charlie: Hmmm… Muffins. I want one!
    Lady: 1 dollar please.
    Charlie: I have no money, but I will dance for you. (Charlie dances.)
    Lady: It was horrible. Try anything else…
    (Charlie starts to juggle, but the effect is the same.)
    Charlie: I have an idea! (Charlie stoles the Google-portait and insertes the lady's face on it.)
    Lady: You made me suffer by seeing all your stupid things!
    Charlie: What would be if you had a break? I would earn money for a muffin and you would take a walk.
    Lady: I like this idea. (Charlie take the clothes of the lady.)
    Policeman: How much are those muffins?
    Charlie: 2 dollars.
    Policeman: Here you've got the money.
    Charlie: Thank you for the clothes my lady, here's a dollar for a muffin.

  4. Charlie: hmmm,nothing interesting on news today...I'd better watch the paint box
    Policeman:What on Earth are you doing this time,Charlie?
    Charlie: Nothing..You better watch your own business
    Policeman: What did you just say?
    The painter: Oh,no,please Charlie not this time...let me finish my painting
    Charlie: Let me help you and he didn't finish talking that he destroyed a part of "g" ...
    The painter: I told you to stay away
    Charlie: I need a cookie.I have no money,but I can dance,I can play
    The seller: I'm not interested,I need money
    Charlie: I really need a cookie for the painter to forgive me
    The seller: 1$
    Charlie: Let's change the clothes,I'll trick the cop to buy at double price and so both of us are happy
    The seller: OK,let's do it.
    Though the plan worked out Charlie forget he wanted to give the painter a cookie and ate the whole was too delicious

  5. Charlie:Ahhh!There is nothing interesting in the newspaper today(he said), and I'm very hungry!
    Police:Hey!What are you doing here?Go away!
    Charlie:Ups!I'm sorry!I just wanted to leave.Hmmm...I'm bored. I think I'll go and make a portrait.Well...was not a good idea.
    I want a cookie!1
    The seller:2$
    Charlie:I don't have money!
    The seller:No way.
    Charlie:OK..!Oh! Go to eat something and give me your clothes! I will take care of them and I will return them when you come back.
    The seller:Well...Ok!
    Police:Hmmm...!It smells so good!
    Police:Thank you!
    Charlie:She got trapped!

  6. Charlie: Hmmmmm ..there is nothing interesting in newspaper..:|
    Police: What are you doing here?
    Charlie: I'm trying to cooke something!
    Police: Here in the park? There are special places for cooking. If you don`ţ stop cooking I will arrest you!
    Charlie: OK!OK! I`m done!
    Charlie : Hello! I would be very happy if you will make my portrait!
    Painter: Yes, of course! Come here and don`ţ move.
    Charlie: Ooooo…. That`s boring!
    Painter: Boring?? Than go away !
    Charlie : I want a cookie!
    The seller: $ 1
    Charlie : I have no money! But I can do anything in return: dance, to juggle
    The seller: No, not enough .
    Charlie: I propose you something… You will take a break and I'll sell in your place and you will give me a cookie.
    The seller: That`s Ok, come back soon.

  7. Charlie:i don't wanna do this,everything is so boring,maybe i can eat something
    Police:mister you're not alowed to cook here!just go away
    Charlie:don't mess with me cop
    Painter:i'll make your portrait
    Charlie:that would be nice.Ohh sorry i'm so clumsy, i must be blind please forgive me
    Charlie: i want a muffin,but i don't have money ,i'll make you laugh
    Seller:try something different,it's not working without money
    Charlie:i have an ideea just give me your clothes and i'll buy a muffin
    Seller:we have a deal

  8. Charlie: Hmmmmm ..there is nothing interesting in the newspaper..:|
    Police Man: What are you doing here?
    Charlie: I'm trying to cook something!
    Police Man: Here in the park? There are special places for cooking. If you won`t stop cooking I will arrest you!
    Charlie: OK!OK! I`m done!
    Charlie : Hello! It would make me very happy if you will paint my portrait!
    Painter: Yes, of course! Come here, don`t move.
    Charlie: Ooooo…. This is so boring!
    Painter: Boring?? Then go away !
    Charlie : I want a cookie!
    The seller: One dollar please!
    Charlie : I have no money! But I can do anything in return: dance, to juggle
    The seller: No, is not enough .
    Charlie: I propose you something… You can take a break and I'll take your place by selling the mufiins, but in return I want a muffin.
    The seller: Ok!Thank you!
    Charlie: You’re welcome! See you around!

  9. The twin babies
    Baby 1.Hello! Come to show you some ninja moves.
    Baby 2.Do not do moves like that because dad gets angry.
    Baby 1. HaHaHa, let me show you how to do.
    Baby 2. Do not lift your leg because maybe you can hit me.
    Baby 1. Do not say more, better talk to my hand!
    Baby 2. Oh, I got mad at you, why you talk so with me?
    Baby 1. You're too hectic bro!...

  10. Baby WS – without sock
    Baby B – back turned
    BWS : Oh my god, I drank so much milk last night I can’t stand up straight, I must push against the fridge. I’ll never drink milk again. Look (*puts leg up*) I even lost my sock!
    BB: That’s nothing! I once drank so much milk that I thought my belly was going to explode.
    BWS: *giggles*
    BB: Than my momma picked me up and started patting me over the back. Ooooh I was sik than. I was telling her: „Don’t do that woman!”
    BWS: *giggles*
    BB: But she couldn’t understand my plain english... They talk so weird... and then I p...
    BWS: (*puts hand up*): Stop! I don’t want to hear that.
    BB: I was telling you about the most horrible experience of my life and you don’t want to listen!
    BWS: (*puts leg up*) No! All you talk about is boring and disgusting!

  11. Charlie: I think my food is ready

    Charlie: God, that smells awful.

    Officer: Sir, you are not allowed to throw food at people.

    Charlie: Well, i just did.

    Officer: Get out of here before I arrest you !

  12. hy there!how are you today?
    Seller:I'm fine thanks.can I help you?
    Charlie:Ooo yes...I want to buy a much is it?
    Seller:1 dollar,can't you see?
    Charlie:....aa yes excume me I did'nt saw it.....but I don't have any money....what can I do for a muffin...?
    Seller:No money no muffin...

  13. Charlie:This newspaper is garbage :(!*tastes food*Hmmm needs more salt
    *hits policeman with spoon*
    Charlie:I'm sorry.Would you like to taste?
    *kicks Charlie*
    Charlie:I'm outta here!
    *kicks policeman*

  14. Baby A:I want to open the fridge!Let me open the fridge!
    Baby B:But what is inside it?
    Baby A:I can't tell you! I don't want to share it.
    Baby B: Then I will not move. I am staying here.
    Baby A:If you do this I can teach you how to dance!
    Baby B:I know fairly well how to dance. I don't need your advice.
    Baby A : Then I'll tell dad it wasn't the cat who poured water on the computer.
    Baby B: Ok,fine! Open it...

  15. -Charlie: Hmm..let`s try this new receipt that is written in the newspaper...
    Charlie: Bleahh,it tastes like hell...
    Police: Sir,you have no right to cook in the park
    Chalie: Whatt? It not true,I don`t need a permit to do that
    Police: I can arrest you if I want,come here!
    Charlie: Blablablabla...
    -Painter: Ohh , Hello! Stay that way please,I can pain you
    Charlie: Me? Ohh,Okay.......Oups...Sorry...I have to go..
    Paiter: But,waaittttt...
    Charlie: Sorry,bye!
    -Charlie: Ohhhhh,muffinssss...can I have one?
    Muffins Girl: Of course,that will be 1 $...
    Charlie: I don`t have any money...can I do something instead of paying with money?
    Muffins Girl: Noo,sorry,it doesn`t work that way
    Charlie: Ohh,okay,than...can I borrow your clothes and I`m sure I will gain more money than you..and I can pay for a muffin
    M. Girl: Ok..let`s see..
    Charlie: (what a jerk..., it will pay 2 $ for one muffin..haha)
    M. Girl: did it...take one now please...
    Charlie: I told you I can do it. Thanks...byeee!

  16. Charlie: This newspaper is one week old! (throw)... Mmmm... soup! (smells)... This smells really bad! (Throws in the policeman’s face)
    Policeman: What are you doing here? You are littering! I will fine you!
    Charlie: Do you want some soup?
    Policeman: Nevermind the soup! Get out of here! (kicks)
    Charlie: Don’t hit me! I’ll hit you back! (runs)
    Policeman: You! You! You!...
    Painter: Would you like me to paint you a portrait?
    Charlie: Well yes.
    Painter: Stand over there.
    (Charlie turns over the G letter)
    Painter: No! What did you do to my set? Get out of here!
    Charlie: See you! (runs)

  17. Charlie:This newspaper is garbage!
    Charlie:Let`s try this new receipt in the newspaper...
    Charlie:It tastes like hell...and it smells really bad!
    Policeman:What are you doing here?You are cooking?
    Policeman:You know it's forbidden cooking in the park?
    Charlie:Live me with your stupid comments cop(throws the soup in the policeman's face and runs)
    Policeman:I will catch you!!

  18. Baby 1: Hy, what are you doing?
    Baby 2: Oh, Hy! I'm trying to raise my leg over my head.
    Baby 1: What? Are you crazy? You can't do something like that! At least not for now
    Baby 2: This leg? Look how it's rising over and over. I'm sure I'll manage to do it.
    Baby 1: Don't be stupid. It's a waste of time
    Baby 2: {laughing} don't join issue with me… with this fridge's help I'll do it
    Baby 1: Don't argue with me. You know I'm right…
    Baby 2: I'll try anyway! Look… see? I almost managed… with a little practice I'll be the best
    Baby 1: You'll never do it!!

  19. i am referring to the baby video:

    Baby1: let's klimb the refrigerator.
    Baby2: no, no, no, it's dangerous
    Baby1: come on let's klimb it, we will be fine
    Baby2: no no no, can't you understand it's dangerous?
    Baby1: da da da da da da, ,it's not dangerous, you just have to lift up your foot like this.
    Baby2: no, no, mother will come and see us, and she will punish us.
    Baby1: come on, don't be such a mommy boy, we can do a quick job, in and out, just like this, you just have to lift your foot and start climbing
    Baby2: no ma, i'm not doing it.
    Baby1: ok, as you wish, i'm going up, see you.

  20. Charlie:-Hello madame!
    Woman:-Hello sir!Would you like a picture?
    Charlie:-Yes please!
    Woman:- Then stay still for a moment and go back two steps...
    Charlie:-All right...should I smile?
    Woman:- If you desire.
    Charlie:(being not careful enough destroyed the background)-oh!
    Woman:-Oh my God! What did you do? You have destroyed the background!Go away!

  21. Baby1:I told you not to play with my cat?
    Baby2: No, you didn't
    Baby1:Yes, I did .Next time I will tell mother.
    Baby2:HA HA
    Baby1:Is not funny
    Baby2: Ok ,I'm sory

  22. The twins....

    Baby Sam: Listen JIm,do you remember it's Mum and Dad's anniversary next Sunday,don't you?
    Baby Jim: Of course I do.I'm going to get them
    some really good wine.
    Baby Sam:WINEEEEEE????!!!!!
    Baby Jim:OOOhhhhh yes,Mum and Dad will like that.Daddy told me that there's a great place that's just opened in town. What about you Sam?
    Baby Sam:Well,I'm taking them to the opera next
    Thursday.I booked the thickets weeks
    Baby JIm:that's a good idea.....but what are you doing with meeeeee????I don't want to stay at home ALONE...I don't want...
    Baby Sam: Sorry...i booked just three tickets....
    Baby Jim: NO NO NOOOO.....I am going to's unfair
    Baby Sam:Ohhhh Jimmy....don't worry..i'm just don't see how small we are? you can't buy wine and i can't buy thickets....nobody understand us...

  23. Baby 1: Did you take my sock?
    Baby 2 : I didn't take your sock
    Baby 1: Mom is going punish you, if you don’t get it back
    Baby 2: She has to catch me first, haha
    Baby 1 : Do you think this is funny?
    Baby 2 : No no no no!
    Baby 2 : I think we forget it in the fridge.
    Baby 1 : Oh...nooooo :(
    Baby 2: Oh yeah! Hi hi hi
    Baby 1 : We could kick it open!
    Baby 2 : Hm... maybe if we waited untill your taller
    Baby 1 : Nooo... I want to get it now!" *attempts to get in.
    Baby 2 : Stop stop! Stop! Your way too short right now!

  24. BABY A:Good morning.
    Baby B: Good morning.what’s the problem?
    Baby A:I think I sat in the sun too lung in this afternoon.
    Baby B:It looks like it.Your skin is very red
    Does it hurt?
    Baby A: Well if i touch it,it’s hot but i feel quite cold I’m shivering all the time
    Baby B: I think you’d better got to bed.
    Baby A:NO NO NOOO….i want to play a game with you….
    Baby B; Listen you don’t feel so good….go to bed sleep few hours and when you will wake up you will see that you fell better than now….and i promise you that we will play togheter,ok brother?
    Baby A: OK….don’t forget….you promised me.

  25. Charlie: My moustache is too nice to hide behind a newspaper so I shall stop reading it.

    Police: Hey! I am the only one who is allowed to have a moustache around here.

    Charlie: But your's is horrible. Look at mine. I have the same as that German leader. I can't remember his name..

    Police: I don't care! You must leave here immediately as I need to impress everyone with my uniform and fighting skills.

    Painter: Hello. Would you mind holding the model in position? Otherwise it will fall over.

    Charlie: No problem. It is ok if I rest my hand just here..

    Painter: Look what you have done! You have destroyed my model you fool!

    Charlie: All that fighting with the policeman has made me hungry. I wonder how can I get one of those cakes?

    Cake seller: That dancing reminds me of Michael Jackson but you still need money. Money talks!

    Charlie: Right, I already messed with that artist so I may as well steal her painting. She probably deserves it. I heard that she is a racist.

    Cake seller: I hope this painting is good!

    Charlie: It is! It's better than the Mona Lisa!

    Cake seller: That's an awful painting! Also, who is Mona Lisa? Does she sing with Beyonce?

    Charlie: I would love to wear womens clothes. I haven't done that since I was 19..

    Police: Wow! Who is the sexy lady selling cakes? I must impress her with my mustache and money.

    Charlie: It feels quite strange wearing ladies knickers and it's also quite cold!

    Police: Hello. Do you sell any vodka or whiskey? No? Ok I shall have the sweetest cake from the sweetest cake seller please.

    Charlie: What a terrible chat-up line, get out of here!

    Police: Woah! That lady has an incredible moustache. It must be the cakes. Tomorrow I will buy 5 more!

    Cake seller: So can I have my clothes back please?

    Charlie: Certainly but I want to keep your knickers. I will give you 500 euro for them! Now I will also take a cake to help my moustache grow.

    Cake seller: You are a very strange man.

    Charlie: I know. That's why I have no friends and now I am going to find another policeman to play with. Ow! These knickers are making me jump!

  26. baby1: hey, I'm hungry.
    baby2: yes, me too. let's get something out of the fridge.
    baby1: It's not a good idea. Why don't we better make some noise so mum will give us some food?
    baby2: You, fool. Mum is talking with dad, she won't hear us.
    baby1: Me, fool? Did you just call me a fool? Fine. Than do whatever you want. I will go and play with my cars.

  27. Baby1: Yoo are you listening to me?
    Baby2: Check out this karate move!
    Baby1: Haha, that's lame!
    Baby2: What do you mean it's lame? just look
    Baby1: Ah just shut up, you're annoying
    Baby2: You'd better be carefull with what you say
    Baby1: Or what??
    Baby2: I'm gonna slap you, and also everybody in this room.
    Baby1: Yeah sure you will.
    Baby2: Just look at my red cheeks, they're adorable.
    Baby1: Mom, look what he's doing
    Baby2: Mommy can't hear you now, it's just you and me.
    Baby1: I'm getting the hell outta here
    Baby2: You ain't going anywhere
    Baby1: Watch me!

  28. Baby1:Hi,what are you doing my brother?
    Baby2:I want to do gymnastics.And you?
    Baby1:I'm fine.Please show me some little exercise.
    Baby2:I don't want to show you any exercise.
    Baby1:Why?....I will tell you....Ta ta ta ta ta
    Baby2:No more screaming.Stop being a child.I'll show you some exercises.Ok?
    Baby1:Oky...thank you

  29. Charlie: stop in front of muffins ....
    Mary: Here cheap muffins just a buck .....
    Charlie beautiful Lady ..... but it is negotiable, if I buy more .... ....
    Mary: How much money do you have?
    Charlie: Well ....... only 50 cents
    Mary: I can only sell them for a dollar
    Charlie: Well, this is what we can do, give me a muffin, I will dance for you, perform magic and whatever you , dear lady ......
    Mary::)) I can not, sorry
    Charlie: You know that muffin was for you .... but I could not afford .... And danced for you, is that enough.

  30. Baby1 : Hey , what are you dooing?
    Baby2 : Who? Me?
    BAby1 : Yes, you.
    Baby2 : Well, nothing.Why?
    Baby1 : What do you mean, nothing?You stand here like a guardian.What are you hiding ?
    Baby2 : Ok,ok. I closed the cat inside the fridge.
    Baby1 : Are you crazy? What if the cat gets cold? What if mom and dad finds out?
    Baby2 : OMG!I wasn't thinking at that;