Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Read the following text about some food myths that can cost you.

Is there something that you found out and you did not know? Or something you do not agree with?

Have you ever worked in a supermarket/restaurant/fast food? If yes, what would you like to tell the others about your experience regarding food, healthy eating?
Is there another food myth that you’d like to reveal?


  1. This was very useful. I didn’t know that eggs can be frozen. This is very interesting, and I always taught that tinned fruits aren’t healthy. I know another food myth, we can also freeze stuffed cabbage (minced meat rolled in cabbage leaves) and plum dumplings. For me after we de-freeze them they taste much better then when they are fresh made.

  2. I think it is very important how we eat.We must inform about certain foods and should eat more healthy and natural. I disagree with the "low prices in supermarkets", because not all products with low price may be the best quality. I recommend everyone to be careful what they eat, to not have other health problems.

  3. For us women, the myth importance is in a high degree .There are a few tips and advices wich I’ve read and learned from the others.One of these tips is the fact that It is well known that we cannot freeze eggs and cakes , But there are a few aliments that must be frozen for a good keeping, but this thing implicates more attention in their selection because before thawing we all know that some aliments change their taste ; I’ve learned these things from my own experience at former work place where uncooked meat was frozen for a long time and when we thawing,it looks like fresh meat but these had an apart taste.

  4. Hi, my name is Cuesdeanu Mircea Bogdan and I would like to add to "2. Tinned fruit isn’t healthy"(wrong), many studies had shown that frozen food is actually more healthy for you than fresh vegetables.I don not agree with what they say in "12. Meals mean meat", only with vegetables you cannot be fully satisfied at the end of the day, especially men need to eat meat every day for the protein.I knew all of them because I'm always watching cooking show's and read daily about food and tech related news.

    1. Hi Mircea,
      I appreciate your answer and your interest in healthy food. Have you heard the expression "as strong as a horse" yet horses do not eat meat. How do you explain that?