Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Social networking – a future businessman's perspective

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Do you have a Facebook account? Twitter? Any other social networking site?

Read the following article on a case of Facebook bullying

From the business point of view, what can be some advantages and disadvantages of using social networking sites? Think from the perspective of you as a future a businessman and you as a present/future employee.

You can also search the Web to find positive cases or negative, as the one mentined above and tell us about them here in a few words.


  1. Frankly I don't have a Facebook account, because I'm not interesed in that. In terms of a future business person I think Facebook is a great way to lern about certain people, because not everyone knows that they must be careful to what post on Facebook and a business person may not even hire you because of information about you.

  2. First of all,we all must be very carefully on what kind of image we want to promote on the social network sites.
    Nowadays,most of the emplyers concentrates on the virtual profile of the future employees,that why,they must pay attention on the way they are "selling" their self.
    It is enough to "clik" on somebody's name and you'll find out some important details starting with the music genre,fashion,hobbies or behaviour.

  3. Oh poor Natalie Harvey, I really feel sorry for her… But she wasn’t careful enough, because we can block on Facebook the comments, or we can define who can write on our wall or comment our picture. In my opinion it isn’t wrong if we have a Facebook or Twitter or on another social network account if we are careful. We have to pay attention on what we are publishing on the profile, what kind of pictures are we uploading. If we do this we can avoid bad things.
    As an employer I would be curious of my future employees blogs, because from there I can see a part of his personality. For me that could be important to know what he likes to do and from where he comes from.
    In the case if I were the employee, I would be careful what I’m publishing on the blog, what kind of pictures, and comments are there. I’d be calm if my future employer want to see my Facebook profile.

  4. Facebook is a social network which can be useful but dangerous too. It can be useful because we can meet people, we can talk with them, and there are plenty of games too. We can say that it can bee a good for spending time.

    The bad thing about this social network (in my opinion) is that there are people who can not use it in a good way, and they are day and night viewing it, and playing on it. This can bring them to dependence.
    It can take precious time, which we could use for doing better things.

  5. Hi, my name is Cuesdeanu Mircea Bogdan and my opinion on social networking is not a good one from a business point of view, nowadays every major company searches your name on the internet revealing first your twitter or facebook account and maybe you have photos that people tagged you in an awkward or inappropriate situation, they can find out where you were and a lot of unwanted history.At my mother's workplace they already search you constantly about what you do over the internet in you're free time.