Monday, 5 November 2012


It's time for you to find a YouTube advertising clip that has something sensible to say. In not more than 50 words re-express that message in writing. Finally, share with us the link. The ad below is my message to you all: For 2nd year students who have already learned something about advertising: What are the techniques/approaches that make the following commercials memorable? Explain
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And this is a BONUS QUIZ to help you prepare the advertising vocabulary for the exam:

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  1. Don´t drink and drive never. This is a real accident, this woman was hit by a drunk driver in real. This is a lesson that everyone should learn. Watch this advertising carefully and think twice before drink and drive.

  2. Wow, Bianca, you have to warn people of shocking images!
    Shock is an advertising technique.

    Actually I wanted you to find an advertising clip!


    I love it, especially that I have a baby girl and I am so looking forward to hearing her future questions.
    Little questions need big and elaborate answers? Not necessarily. Sometimes it would be good to think the simple way. :)


    I saw this commercial for the first time a couple of years ago and I found it so funny that i still remembered it. I like it very much just because they don't promise you anything about the product.. only that you will find yourself dealing with a crazy panda if you don't buy it. :)) I really don't know if this sort of advertising works, but it sure is very funny. And it's also kinda epic.. (cute animal going wild, classic)


    I chose this advertising because it seemed interesting because this kind of food is very unhealthy for us. Nowadays the people have less free time, they are always in a hurry, spend less time in family and they have changed their diet. The junk food contains additives, different kind of aromas, which in time produce healthy problems. Young people mainly like the snacks, hamburgers, hot-dogs and the sweet juice, they get use to it and renounce to have a normal, usual meal. The best thing is to try to have a various diet, to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and to get used to prepare also at home a healthy meal.

    This is a very funny advertising and I hope you have fun when you will see it. I chose it because it encourages the travel in groups and in this way you will make new friends, share ideas and also have fun together. Also I chose it because nowadays people are very distant and unfriendly. Be kind and enjoy your travel!

    1. Alina, I enjoyed your advertising clip - actually it is in favour of bus travelling!

    I found other advertising and I think this focuses on the people’s principles. We can’t express our feelings when we want because everybody has his own principles. On the other hand, we are retained by the people around us, our education and by the circumstances. Normally, we are equals but life can’t offer us this chance. It’s strange, isn't it?


    I love this Christmas commercial from John lewis,it transmits so much love and kindness and the song is very well chosen .The long and the diffcult journey made by the snowman to bring his snowgirl the hat,the scarf and the gloves it makes you think what if all people would be so good and so full of love for others.

    I like this publicity spot because is about a girl who is sick and his brother painted on the wall that she can see by the window from the hospital, something nice to encourage her to get better . He did something ilegal , but with a positive result


    This is a quit smoking commercial. I chose this one because it has a huge impact, especially for smokers. It is based on the suffering of a child who loses his mother for a few moments. We should be more conscious that every single cigarette brings us closer to death. That is why we should stop smoking before the smoke will stop us.

    The most interesant publicity that I remeber is the one to a Mercedes class B car.
    The spot starts with the image of an old Mercedes with a young couple inside, making love. A few months later the same couple ,in the same car , looking backward to the little baby boy they have got. After a few years, the baby grew and when he was a teenager, appears sitting on a beench and next to him a young girl who just gaved him a kiss. He looked very happy. After that the video continues when he is an adult ,talking with his parents in the kitchen when somebody rang to the door. When he opened, a very beautifull lady get in, gaving him a very passional kiss. His parents were staring at them and after to each other. After that the young cuple are sitting in this car having a ride and at the end of their trip they kiss each other very passional . The final message was that they will never be like their parents.
    I like the idea of the future relationships. We all know that now the young people do not get married so soon , because the time has changed and we like to have more freedom for more time , we have other expectations of our lifes . In the past the only way to get out of the house of the parents was to get married , and I think that is the reason that they did it with 18 , 20 years old. Now, the young people like to enjoy their life , trying more than one relationship , studing more because is the only way to get on ,and also they prefer to live together before they get married to be sure about the compatibility between them.
    I think mercedes tried to explain that the times are changing , the people and the necessities the same.


    This is another Anti-Smoking advertising, that impressed me very much. What is very interesting is the fact that every smoker is aware of the harmful effects of smoking. When a child smokes every adult tells him that it is not allright, that you can die faster, or you can suffer from lung cancer, emphysema or strokes.
    When they were asked "So why are you smoking?" they didn't know what to answer. The problem is that people don't worry about themselves and don't think about consequences. So, think twice before you want to become a smoker!


    This is a very touching advertising, about a little boy that is impatiently for Christmas to come. At the beginning you have the impression that the child can't wait to receive presents from Santa Claus. He is looking at the clock every minute, every hour waiting to pass the time faster. Also, he is doing different things to kill the time with something. When finally the Christmas come, he is very excited, and instead to look at his presents, he goes to his parents with a big box. In that box, it was his gift for them. So, when you really want to do something for someone special, you feel that time pass very slowly and you can't wait to share your feelings with a simple gift!