Tuesday, 30 April 2013



  1. I agree with the first slide that I don`t believe that companies tell the true in advertising. I think that advertising is more like a market strategy and the companies promote their products that people who do believe and buy it. Usually advertising are made to increase sells and if for example is any promotion such as if you buy one product you have 50% discount in the second one I think is a strategy because actually nobody buy that products. And if is a really good advertising the important thing are written one the bottom of the screen and very small.
    Nowadays are different types of advertising, one more innovative that another to attract people attention, so we have to be very carefully and chose only the one that are really true. Such as the adverting of the hotel one the third slide that gives us an address and a phone number with a photo that is a realistic one. I think that the picture with the new born is very shocking because if another child see it, he will have an emotional impact. The restaurant advertising I consider that is very innovative and scary a little because if you are in the car and you go thought the tunnel you have the impression that the mouth will eat you.

  2. My conception about advertising is that it manipulates us. It is true that these help us to inform about a product but, unfortunately what we see and what they present us isn’t the truth. Because of that, as I see in the first slide, 76% of consumers don’t believe the companies tell the truth is advertising and this report is very unsatisfied. All in all, the second slide tells us that 14% of consumers believe advertising. Everything they present is to increase their sales not to protect us or to create an easier life. Now I ask what the consumers think when they see and believe the advertising? Also there exist advertisings which expose us terrible images. I think this shouldn’t be promoted. For example, that baby looks a little bit scary and that tunnel which eats the cars is also awful. You will think that tunnel is dangerous for your life. If companies do advertisings they should think twice before do them. I let a link below with advertising. What do you think about this? It’s a normal advertising? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kaiSrWmeDTM

  3. Advertising in nowadays is a busniess for the owners of TV post`s and newspapers and more often on the web.Many people even if they know that the advertising doesn`t correlates with the reality they still buy that product because the influence is to big and is a psychological game for the products owners.Soo let`s try to buy what we decide is good for us and our family and not what they.The most I hate at advertising are those wich are made for kids and manipulate their mind in order to beg their parent`s to buy that product.In the end there should be a more restricted law for and control organs for FALSE advertising!