Tuesday, 3 June 2014


This is the last post on this blog! You are invited to express your opinion about the way in which you worked on it: 1. Have you used technology in other subjects so far? If yes, where? (except for IT/computer classes, of course) 2. What was easy to do? 3. What was difficult? 4. What did you like most? 5. Why did you choose to work on it? 6. In the future, how would you like to study English: a) only in class; b)only online c) a combination of a and b., i.e.as we have done this year. Thank you to all the students who have expressed their feelings, ideas, knowledge on this platform!


  1. 1. No, I have never used the technology, except for school.
    2. Article the easiest done was "I've learnt....".
    3. I can't say that any one of them was difficult,but I can say that each has had difficulty.
    4. Article which I liked the most is "Being an Erasmus ambassador".
    5. I choose to work on it because it is much more simplistic and more convenient and today almost everything is based on technology and we need to adapt with it.
    6. c) a combination of a and b

  2. 1. No, we haven't used the new tehnology so far.
    2. It was easy to remember the blog adress.
    3. Nothing was difficult in the site, for me was easy.
    4. I like most the post about our University because I had the chanse to find out new thinks.
    5. It's more confortable to from work home and easyer.
    6. In the future I'd like to study English in a mixt way.

    1. Bianca, I know answered this post by phone, still can you correct the typos:
      -adress, chanse, thinks, easyer

  3. 1. No, we haven't used technology so far.
    2. It was easy to sign in because I already had a Google account.
    3. It was difficult to work on site because I had technical problems with my computer and I couldn't work always I woluld have wanted.
    4. I like most the design of site. It has a easy way to find the posts and work.
    5. I chose to work on site because it's a different way of learning English, because I work from home and I could use the dictionary and I saw the posts from my colleagues.
    6. In the future I would like to study English in a combined way.

  4. 1 No, we haven't used the new tehnology so far, maybe in the future
    2 The only thing I had to do was to create a google account
    3 For me was hard to find the blog address and I had to try several times before I manage to find it.
    4 I liked the fact that through this blog I could known my colleagues better through their comments.I liked best the post about Graham's story.
    5 It was a new and interesting teaching method and evaluation of knowledge.
    6 In the future I'd like to study English in both ways.

  5. 1. No, i haven't used the new technologyso far, maybe in the future.
    2. it was easy because all the post ar in cronological order, on the right side on the page. There are posts on each mounth. I appreciated the fact that i could work anytime from anywhere, i had enought time.
    3. It was hardest for me, because i did not have google account, but a friend helped me (she knows who she is :P)
    4. I like subject with " i've learnt that...."
    5.I chose to work on side because it is really easy questions and it is acctually discussion between colleagues.
    6. a combination of '"a"and "b"
    Thank you, i come back on blog!

    1. Ana Maria, I know you are a beginner, so I will draw your attention to several typos you made:
      - all the postS
      - each MONTH
      -Enough time
      - I likED THE subject
      - I chose to work on the SITE because it HAS easy questions
      - I'll come back

      Congratulations for your work this term!

    2. I'm sorry, I'll be more careful!

  6. 1. I haven't used tehnology oustide school courses.
    2. It was easy to write about "SHOPPING IN TOWN"
    3. It was hard to me to speak about "FACTS ABOUT SALARIES". I'm not realy into this subject.
    4. "GRAHAM'S STORY" was my personal favourite, because I really love cats and this subject was pretty close to me.
    5. I think that we really need to stay connected to tehnology because in future, al this world will be covered in Tehnology. And it is more simple to work in this way.
    6. C) a combination between a and b.

  7. 1.yes, sometimes I used it but I tried several times without technology.I used when I felt the need.
    2.It was easy method to work on it.
    3.It was hard to translate and to understood almost all posts.
    4.I liked the posts and topics.Posts were interesting and important.
    5.I chose to work on it because I learned something and I liked it.
    6.I want to study English in class because I learned from my mistakes and the mistakes of other.

  8. 1. I used technology for projects of school not in another subjects.
    2. Was easily to conect in this blog because I have a google account.
    3. For me its was hard to speak about the Farmers and mobile tehnology.
    4. I liked to speak about Swat Analysis beacuse its for my university.
    5. Because I like it , its easy for me and I cann make in my free time.
    6. In the future I like to study a combination for online and in class.

    1. Ioan, what do you mean by "I used technology for projects", do you mean you used the computer, or what kind of technology? Did you work online, from a distance as you worked on this blog?

  9. 1. No technology for me so far in other subjects but hope to use it in the near future because I think that it make`s us more innovative and resourceful.
    2.I think that the easiest thing on this blog is to surf it, everything is organaized that make`s it simple to read.
    3.Nothing hard, so far.
    4.Being interested in Economics in general, and specifically in entrepreneurship ``4 Types of People Who Make Poor Entrepreneurs`` was my favourite.
    5.Now, It's easier then ever to teach or learn, the internet helps us a lot, it is like an online notebook, to which you have acces at anytime of the day.
    6.I think I`ll go with answer c). both online and offline. Because maybe there is something I don`t understand and I can`t find the answer of my problem, without ``live`` help from my teacher.

    With that being sad, I wish you all a nice holiday.

  10. 1 No, I have not used the new technology so far apart from the exceptions mentioned.
    2.The easiest thing for me was to create google account.
    3.Me personally I did not find anything hard.On the contrary, I think is very interesting point of this blog.
    4.My favorite subject was ,,Shoping in town''
    5.I choose to work on it because is not hard, it is very interesting and also learn things.
    6.c) a combination of a and b

  11. 1.I use technology everyday.I consider the internet as a part of technology.

    2.All the subjects are interesting and also easy.Was a pleasure for me to complete the subjects.

    3.I didn't found anything difficult.

    4.I liked the most the article:"Knowing one another-what parts of the world have you visited".There I could express all what I felt when I was in Paradise...Santorini.

    5.First time when I saw the blog I said that is the best way to practice my english and also to express my feelings.

    6.In the future I would like to study english in a intensive way.I would like to be english teacher especially in kindergarden.

    1. Madalina,
      - first question was about using technology in other subjects, i.e in school, university, not on your own. I was interested to find out if you used other platforms, online, in learning different academic subjects and practising.
      - attention at Past tense: did (not) + verb 1: Did you go (vb1) to university yesterday? No, I didn’t go (verb 1). I went (vb2) to work. Hope it’s clear now.

    2. Thanks teacher for your feedback:-)Now it's clear.And the answer is no,I don't use technology.Have a nice day

  12. 1.Technology is part of our lives.I use technology in kitchen,classroom,everywhere.Everything is made with technology.
    2.All the subjects were very interesting and easy to do.
    3.I saw some difficult subjects but if you put your mind there all of them are easy.
    4.I like very much "Shopping in town".Shopping is my passion and I like to talk about it.
    5.Is more easy for me to write yhan to talk.This is the reason .
    6.English is not my favorite subject so I would like to use it only if is necessary.I like better economical subjects.

    1. Ionela,
      my question 1 was about how did you use technology in other subjects? i.e. in learning in schoool, high-school, university.
      It’s not about using your Ipod, smart phone in class for communicating with your family or paying bills.

      So, apart from using the Internet and computer slides, where have you used technology and what software for learning?

    2. Ok.Sorry for the mistakes but I don't use technology exept internet.Have a nice day

  13. 1.No, I haven't used technology so far.
    2.It was easy to get on the blog,here all are well organized to do everything simpler.
    3.Nothing was too hard,I can say that it was interesting and everything was done to help us.
    4.Most liked I had teh option of work on this blog that is well organized and interesting.
    5.It was easier for me because I wrote in my free time and it was so enjoyable.
    6. c) a combination of a and b.

  14. 1.No, I haven't used technology in this way at no other course.
    2. Because the subjects where interesting it was a pleasure to discuss about them so everything was easy to do because I`ve made it with pleasure.
    3 As I wrote above there can`t be easy or dificult ones eache end every makes you to thing the difference is made by the size of the subject.
    4 I liked that you have challenge us to think and write a corect and fluent speech.
    5 I have choosed to work on it because for me personally it was a chalenge to discuss and understand subjects wich where in English a thing that normaly except movies I don`t do even If I have an English degree from HighSchool.
    6 Me personally it would be perfect how it was this year because I can`t come at to many courses because of the job I have and in this way we can express our really feelings and thoughts.

    THANK YOU TEACHER it was a nice year togheter keep post subjects because you know to find interesting subjects on wich we reallly cand discuss and also have a nice summer !

  15. 1 No i did not use technology at other courses.
    2 To comment at subject I`ve learnt
    3 To comment on subjects that I had no ideea what to say.
    4 The subjects that realy had interested me.
    5 Because is a chance for me to train my english writting
    6 In the future I would like to be like this because place where I work i don``t have to much time to go at university.

    1. I am correcting the following in your comment: English writing, at the place where I work.......to go to university

  16. 1.No,I have never used technology except school and school projects.
    2.All the subjects were very easy for me and I made them with pleasure.
    3.I didn't found anything difficult.If you are interested you can make them all
    4.The teacher made all the subject very interesting,I liked all of them
    5.I liked very much the subjects.Everyone said that will make them and I said that I have to try at least.
    6.I would like to practice and use english on-line as well in my daily life.

  17. 1.No, I haven't used technology so far. I used for school.
    2.It was very easy to sing in because I use Google account.
    3.I didn't found anything difficult.
    4.,,Farmers and mobile technology'' was my personal favorite, because I thought that was interesting.
    5. I chose to work on it because I like it, its very easy and it is very interesting
    6.In the future I would like to study English in combination of a and b

    1. Carmen,
      it was easy to sing ??

      I did not find (did + vb 1)

  18. 1.Yes I used the technology before.
    eg in some subjects I did projects in Power Point
    2 My opinion about shopping theme was the easiest
    3.The most hardest topic related was about farms technology because I don' t know sufficient about farms.
    4 The most liked subject is about of college
    5 In the future I want to study English in the classroom and online.

  19. 1. Yes I have, in aviation things.
    2. All subjects was easy i think.
    3. That subject was hard where i didn't left a comment.
    4. I really like this site i think I'll stay tuned for this.
    5. It is good for me to compose text. This is the best way to get my english better.
    6. I'd like to study online and home, because it's more comfortable for me.

    1. So, Csaba, what kind of technology did you use in aviation?

      There is a lack of agreement in your sentence: All subjects was easy - can you correct it?
      English - all languages are spelt with a capital letter.
      - at home or from home

    2. Also, "I didn't left a comment" is bad English - can you correct it as well?

    3. 2. All subjects was easy.
      6. I'd like to study English online from home.
      3. Where I don't left a comment.

      In aviation I use fax to send a flight plan and in plan there is a lot of tehnology like GPS-global positioning system, ADF-automatic direction finder, VOR-vhf omnidirectional range, ILS- instrument landing system and to communicate with towers and other plans we use the radio.

    4. Csaba, your grammar is a real mess!
      If I translate into Romanian your English it is something like:
      - tot subiectele fost usor - does it sound good?
      The correct form is : All subjects WERE easy. Please revise the past tense of the verb to be.
      - The correct form of the past tense negative is: I didn't leave a comment (didn't + verb 1)

  20. 1. No, I haven't.
    2. I've learnt subject was easy to me.
    3. The erasmus ambasador and SWOT analysis was difficult to me.
    4. This opportunity to studying online.
    5. Because it is easier than talking face to face.
    6. I'd like to study only online.

  21. 1.Yes, in trade and services (I work at a travel agency)
    2.The most easiest was about Erasmus and Dimitrie Cantemir
    3.All other articles have their degree of difficulty
    4.The most pleasant thing for me was Being an Erasmus Ambasador
    5.I was checking my English skills

  22. No, we haven't used the new tehnology so far.
    It was easy to write about "" Our university
    Article which I liked the most is "Being an Erasmus ambassador".
    It's more confortable to from work home and easyer.
    In the future I'd like to study English in both ways.

  23. 1.No,i haven't used this technology.
    2.It was easy to write about the topics,because i found then all interesting.
    3.There were same difficulties sometimes because of the internet's lags.
    4.It was easy to work on the blog because at home I'm more related in my opinion,the best post was the one about the Graham Story.
    5.This is a very interesting learning method,I hope it will remain the same for a long time.
    6.In the future I'd like better if this learning method would remain the same.I'l glad about this.

  24. 1, Yes, I do. I used to bank transfers and pay some bills.
    2. For me the easiest subject was about Erasmus program.
    3. For me harder topic was about the technology on farms.
    4. I like a lot to talk about shopping, because it's easy and pleasant topic.
    5. I worked on this with pleasure because this helps me perfecting English.
    6. I would like to learn in the classroom and online, because both modes will help me in the future

  25. 1. Yes, I did used technology before, because i work online. And that`s a part of my job.
    2. It was easily for me to connect in this blog because I had a google account.
    3. For me it was hard to speak about the Farmers and mobile tehnology.
    4. I liked to speak about Shopping in town because I found it interesting.
    5. Because I like it , it`s easy for me and I can do this anytime.
    6. In the future I would like to study online, but in class too.

  26. 1. No, we haven't used technology so far.
    2. It was easy for me that I had the possibility to pik my own themes and to work from home on them.
    3. It wasn't to difficult for me on this blog,aldove some themes were more harder to do.
    4. I like this blog because I has the possibility to learn new words and things.
    5. For my own vocabulary,also because I didn't have to take my exam any more.
    6. c) a combination of a and b.
    Thank you for the opportunity to work otherwise!

  27. No,I haven't used this technology. This method was much easier for me. I liked the theme’ I' ve learn ...’. I didn't found anything difficult. It was more comfortable I work at home. In the future I'd like to study online. I, thank you for your patience and interest with which you treated us! You to have a pleasant holiday!