Thursday, 17 February 2011

Let's Go shopping in our area

Shopping has become a modern pastime. It has been said the people have replaced going to church on weekends, to going shopping.

Below is a Red Wall (no grafitti :-)) where you are invited to share your ideas about how you enjoy to do your shopping. Read the questions at the top of the Wall and answer them there.
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In the comments section you are invited to answer the following questions:
1. Which is your favorite shop in our area and why?
2. What is the most important criteria that you consider when buying?
3. Have you ever bought something you did not intend to? Why?
4. What shopping place would you recommend to a foreign tourist visiting our town? Why?
5.Is there an exquisite shopping place you've ever visited? Tell us about it.

As for me, my favorite shopping place is the open market place because it is more romantic. I like to look around for special flowers and even when I don't need one, I end up coming home with at least one. Well, even if I look at the price, when I really find something I like, this is crucial. For tourists visiting our town I would recommend the Souvenir shop in Tudor - they have very nice embroidered blouses.
The most exquisite place I visited I think was the Harrods in London. It is a unique experience and I especially enjoyed the Perfume and Chocolate and Tea departments. It's worth visiting (even if you don't buy!)

How about you?


  1. Hy,
    Mostly I like to buy clothes, it is a passion of mine, if I had the opportunity every day I would buy something.:P
    I am fascinated by the big stores where you can find everything you need.:)

  2. I like shopping very much, i like buying mostly clothes. I never get bored when i'm shopping and i could do it forever. I like shopping in the malls and in big stores, where you have a lot of products to choose from.

  3. I tried to work on this red wall, but do not know how and where to leave my name. Can help me teacher? Thank you!

  4. Shopping is one of my favourite hobbies.Every Wednesday morning I go to the market on my town,Miercurea Niraj.Also,I like shopping in the mall and in stores.

  5. Mihaela,
    To post your answer on the wall, click on Post a sticky (at the bottom of the wall), then doubleclick anywhere on the page (but where there is space, not on other posts, of course) and answer one of the questions at the top of the Wall. Write your name instead of Anonymous (says)

  6. My favorite store in my town is Cellest, because it close to me and I find everything I love.
    I'm guided by two criteria and I think are the most common: quality and price.
    I recommend to tourists to visit any store in town because they have something original and definitely one to like.

  7. Shopping is one of my passions. I like to do my shopping in all kind of stores but mostly, I like to buy clothes! Malls are very great places for shopping and spending free time with friends. Real and Auchan are my favorite stores in Târgu Mureș because I find everything I need with good prices. Usually, I buy things I do not intend to because.. I don`t know why :)), just because I like it or I think that it would be useful sometime. I like flowers very much! Nothing makes me happier than receiving flowers.

  8. 1. My favourite shop is HAOTIC. It is a shop for ladies and girls where you can find all the accesories you need.
    2. I think quality is the most important when you buy something that you will use for a long time. For all the other things you buy you should consider important the price-quality ratio.
    3. Yes, it happens all the time. :)) The reasons are various: curiosity, the product looks good, the product is new on the market, it is something I may need in the future or it is interesting.
    4. For souvenirs I recommand the gift-shops, souvenir-shops and for buying other things Kaufland could be a good choise. ;)
    5. Oh, sure... When I was fot the first time in Budapest I was in a gift-shop that amazed me completely. There were various things, which had good quality and were chiep too. The shop of my dreams. If I remember right I spent there 50 euro and I bought all that I wanted to. That's what I call shopping. :D

  9. 1. My favourite shop in our area is Promenada Mall, because there I can find a large range of stores.
    2. There are two criterias that I take into consideration when buying: price and quality, not necessarily in that order.
    3. Yes, it often happens that I buy something that I didn't intend to. It usually happens when I pass in front of a store, I see something nice, I go in and buy it.
    4. Because I don't know Targu-Mures very well I couldn't recommend a specific shopping place. I think for a foreign tourist, it would be interesting to shop in a handicraft shop.
    5. I don't know if it's exactly a shopping place, but one of the most exquisite place I visited was a confectionary in Greece, with all sort of icecream, cake and chocolate. It was wery dificult to decide what to buy, everything looked amazing.

  10. 1.My favorite place where I like to go shopping is Promenada Mall,because there are many shops where you can choose what you like.
    2.When I buy something,the first thing I watch is to be something of quality,but at the same time prices to be accessible for me.
    3. Yes, it happens, because sometimes I see something nice that I like and then I want to buy it.
    4.I recommend Promenada or Mures Mall,because there you can find many things,and for food,in my opinion,Auchan is the best choice.
    5.When I was in Germany,I always went to a commercial center called Forum.There I found all I wanted so I went there every day.

  11. My favorite place that I go shopping is Mures Moll. But it not means that I only buy clothes of there. I buy clothes almost everywhere I find something interesting and I like it very much.
    For tourists, I recommend Mures Moll because is easily found and there you can find almost everything you want.

  12. If we speak about buying clothes hmm I don't have a favorite shop,but when I buy shoes I like Stone Creek.If I need to buy food,water,etc I choose the nearest shop available

  13. I like go shopping .i don't have a favourite shop. at clothes , if i found something that i like , i buy it. for food and others , i go to "darina" :) .

  14. I really like to go shopping .
    In Tg. Mures I don’t have a favorite place because I don’t know very good the city. Sometimes I go to Promenada Mall. I like this place because there are different types of stores. I really like BOBO shop- decorating shops, and Sprider Stores. At least I buy a candle there.:)

  15. Mt favourite place where I like to go shopping in our area is Mures Moll, because there I can find everything I need beginning with clothes, shoes and ending with accessories.

  16. 1.My fovorite shop is Promenada Mall,you can buy everything,various taste.
    2.The most criteria is Quality.
    3.No,I shop just I need.
    4.Shopping place:Promenada Mall.
    5.An exquisite place I visited was Castelul Bran,everyone was selling somethig,but we forget that Castelul Bran is a museum.

  17. 1.My favorite place when i go to shopping in Targu Mures is Mures Mall,because there are a wide range of products from stylish,sport,clasic clothes,accessories and shoes (the most I like shoes).
    2.When I buy something,always i look about the quality of the product but is not the only character,others would be the price,the appearance, the reputation of the product.
    3. It happens to me to buy a thing which i didn't intent to because or i like it very much or I want to buy something useless but that brings me joy.
    4. Of course I recommend my favorite shopping place Mures Mall.
    5.Is not are an exquisite shopping place who i ever visited, but i want very much a place with lot of stores of shoes,the world of shoes.

  18. Like in the movie, I'm not made for shopping! Just one question i passed!

  19. To be honest it's one of my passion,i'm a victim of fashion and i like to buy clothes especially.I don't have a favorite place because i see in a lot of places beauty clothes or what i need.

  20. My favorite shopping place is the market.I like to buy fresh vegetables,fruits.My wife usually makes me a shopping list and it's easy to shop with the list:) besides, having a list you buy only what you need.For a foreign tourist I recommend Corund. I have no exquisite place to recommend since I have not visited one.

  21. I usually go schoping at Penny Market because is the closest super market in my area.Here I can find any kind of food I need for my family.

  22. My favourite shop in my area is by far Mures Mall, because it is big enough to find anything that my wardrobe needs and it's not very far from where I live.
    The most important criteria that I consider when buying something, is, of course, the quality of that product but also to have a decent price.
    To a tourist I would recommend the same place where I do my shopping, Mures Mall for the same reason: it's big enough and have lots of shops for all your needs.
    The most exquisite place I've ever been to, is Macromall, from Brasov. The whole mall has an Egyptian theme with statues of pharaohs all over the place, and even the tables and chairs from all the restaurants were Egyptian like.

  23. Stefan,
    it's SHOPPING, I presume it was a typo :-)

  24. 1. My favourite shopping place is Mures Mall, because there are many shops and many products.
    2.I always look at the quality and the price.
    3.Sometimes i buy products i don't intend to buy because i like to try something new all the time.
    4.Well definetly i recomand my favourite place, Mures Mall.
    5.I didn't visit any exquisite shopping place yet but whit so many ideas i will choose one.

  25. 1.My favourite shop from our area is Promenada Mall.
    2.Quality is very important for me.
    3.I don't remember.but yes I think so.because I considered that thin necessary and after it wasn't.
    4.I think Promenada Mall is better than Mures Mall.Because the quality and the price are better.
    5.Yes I was in Austria it was very expensive.

  26. My favorite shop in Tg Mures is Kaufland. I do my shopping there because price-quality ratio is the best in town. The products are fresh, well arranged and I'm used to seek the daily products in the same places. It has a “disadvantage”.. I always go home with more that I need. Being so many products in the same place it's impossible not to buy something that you don't actually need. Tourists should go in Mures Mall where they can also spend some time having fun at the food court, maybe watch a football game at “La Liga”.
    I was in Madrid at “Cupola de Madrid”, a huge Mall with the finest architectural style. I was fascinated by that place. Every time I'll go in Madrid I will spend some time there.

  27. Hello
    1. My favorite shop is " Meli Melo " .I just love accesories, because you can do amazing things with them.Even with a simple shirt.
    2.My most important criteria is the price. I never buy expensive things.
    3.I never bought something I didn't intend to.
    4.I would recomend the " Mures Moll" because there are various things to buy, and after shopping you can eat or watch a movie.
    5.I didn't visit any exquisite shopping place , but maybe in the future

  28. Hello...
    1.First of all i didn't find yet a favorite shop in Tg.Mures....but when i want to buy something i go to Promenada Mall,Real or Kaufland.
    2.When i buy something for me is very important the quality of the product.
    3.I never bought something that i didn't intended to.
    4.For a session clothes shopping i can recomand Promenada Mall or Mures Mall....and for Souvenirs i can recomand also a shop in Tudor
    5.Ohhh...i don't know...i was fascinated by many places where i was during the time...but when i leaved in Bucharest and i went with my classmates at shopping in malls....i was excited all the time by BAMBOO...a shop with candles....

  29. 1.I enjoy going shopping very much.It relaxes me.In our town there are several Supermarkets and shopping complexes.I use to go MURES MALL because it offers you the possibility to buy clothes,shoes,jeweleries and to relax when you are tried.
    2.I look for quality and price when I buy something.
    3.When I go shopping,I buy almost every time something that is not on my shopping list.
    4.I would recommend MURES MALL because I think is something very practice to buy the things you want but in the meantime you can relax going to a restaurant or a cafe shop
    5.I haven't gone abroad shopping till now ,but I hope I will go in the near future.

  30. 1.My favourite shop is MURES MALL because there you can find what you want.
    2.When i buy something i am looking at the quality
    3.Yes, it often happens that I buy something that I didn't intend to. Sometimes I see something nice that I like and then I want to buy it.
    4.For a tourist I recommend the shop from PIATA TRANDAFIRILOR with very beautiful handmates pieces.
    5.I didn't visit any exquisite shopping place yet.

  31. 1.My favorite shop from our area is Mures Mall.I like it because it's an organized store with clothes and food.
    2.First time I check the products quality and than I compare it with the price.Quality is very important for me.
    3.Yes it happened once I think because I need it very much for something and than it was no longer needed it.
    4.I recommend Mures Mall or Promenada Mall if he want to buy clothes or food also but if he want to buy food he can check Real Super Market.
    5.Yes I was in Ireland in a shoe store.It was very expensive.

  32. 1. I don't have a favourite shop.But if I have to pick a shop, it will be the Luxor.
    2. For met, he quality matters.And it should for everyone!
    3.No.I never bought something I didn't intended to.
    4.For a tourist I would recomend the Mures Mall.Because in nowadays everyone loves malls.
    5.Unfortunately I didn't visit any exquisite shopping place.

  33. hi teacher,
    1.My favorite shop in our area is MURES MALL, because it is open every day unitil 10 o'clock.
    2.The most important criteria for me when buying is price and quality.
    3.Yes, I have.A package of products, at a discount, some of which I didn't need, because the price was fantastic.
    4.I would recommed the central market to a foreigen tourist, because there they can find local people selling local foods.
    5.No, because I have never been abroad.