Friday, 4 March 2011


It's time for us to be welcoming hosts for Erasmus students and share with them some information we know about our town, student life, university, which will help them to get the best of their stay in Targu Mures.
I will appreciate your personal opinions and I am sure our guests will appreciate them as well.

This is how you do it: go to and create an account.
Then go to our Welcome to Erasmus students VT at , sign in and click on Comment. Choose to comment with voice (either with microphone, or via webcam).

Erasmus students from Turkey have been invited by their Romanian colleagues to enjoy the Romanian life style.

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  1. Hi,I am Erasmus student in Dimitrie Cantemir University.I have been here since 10 weeks.And I got some experience about Romania.This university is more diffirent than my university in Turkey. Çukurova university has almost 40 thousand students and everyone must go lecture everyday.So,sometimes I may be bored here.But everything is okey I like Romania and Romanian people.And I love Anisoara teacher so much :))