Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Illegal interview questions

Read the article here and then express your opinions about what you think might be an illegal question at the interview in our country. Do you know other such questions?

Have you been asked about salary during the interview? Read the text below and express your point of view regarding the answer for this question.
Salary negotiation



  1. Even if discrimination legislation is not in Romania as drastic as the U.S. or the UK, there are a number of questions that employers are not allowed to ask you, and you are not obliged to answer. In our country it is illegal for an employer to ask at the interview if a woman is pregnant because if she is going to have a child the company will have to hire another person in a few months and in this case that woman would not be hired. Also in our country it is illegal to ask if you have health problems or what political party you voted.

  2. I’ve just heard about this problem and I’m asking myself now if somebody from Romania knows this problem. For me, it is very important to know the limits of an interview even if you risk to be rejected. I don’t have other illegal questions in my mind because this subject is new for me but I can say what illegal questions are “practiced” in Romania. I think on the first place there is the question if the person interviewed woman is pregnant. Unfortunately, these women are discriminated and they can’t go on and find a job. All in all, nowadays it is very hard not to be discriminated by a problem about nationality, age or anything else.

  3. I am not very familiar with this topic, but my friends have told me, that the interviews include inappropriate questions even in Romania. Inappropriate questions which I'm thinking now are those related to salary, and marital status. Employers want to know if you have family, husband, children, or other responsibilities because they want to know how long is the employee willing to work. Is it wrong to do so. I believe that the work programme should be established in advance, and if the employee and employer agree with this program, then you have negotiated your salary. And if the job requires overtime, these hours must be paid separately. I do not know other inappropriate questions, I don't have experience with interviews, but at least I know now how to do if I am asked such a question.

  4. The first article is a very interesting one. I didn't know that so many known questions are illegal at the interview. I have also found other questions that are illegal, like: "Do you plan to have any more children?", "Where were you born?" or "Do you own or rent your home?"
    It is good for everyone to know what are the illegal questions in his/her country. In this way, employers will not be able to ask inappropriate questions.
    When the employer asks you about salary during the interview, you have to be firm and don't negotiate your salary target down for the employer by saying, 'I'm willing to accept less if that's not in your budget. So, before going to an interview we should be very informed about our rights, and what we should or shouldn't talk about.