Sunday, 28 July 2013


Read this quote 

1. What do you think is ONE characteristic of successful business people?
2. What feature that you think you have will help you to succeed in your career?

Now read the article here on

4 Types of People Who Make Poor Entrepreneurs

3. Develop on one aspect in the article that you are familiar with – agree or disagree – give examples.

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  1. I enjoy talking about this subject because it is my favorite one. This summer I read a book Business failure: 10 rules to follow by Donald Keough. He takes as example Cola-Cola Company because there he was general director. He gives you 10 rules to follow to become a poor entrepreneur. I’m glad to see that four of them are in this article. I can easier to answer to these questions. I think one characteristic of successful business people is to be receptive and adaptable to the people’s necessity. A good entrepreneur should know very well the market and to calculate the risks. I remember that Donald said in his book that a company is very well his director should be worried because it will follow a decline. This argument is very interesting and makes you put a question. I think my best feature is that I risk. Even if I am young, I opened a shop by my own. To start this little business I had to get a bank loan, so I risked. If I didn’t risk, I wouldn’t have a business. Nevertheless, I learnt from my experience that the first step to success is to risk, but sometimes you should risk twice or more.

    1. Dear Alina, can you rephrase the following: "I remember that Donald said in his book that a company is very well his director should be worried because it will follow a decline"? It was hard for me to understand it.
      Also, please remember to use " to ask a question" instead of "put a question".

      Congratulations for your courage to open a shop on your own - what does it sell? You can advertise it here :-)

  2. I am really sorry for my spelling. I want so said that Donald give the follow advice in his book: If a company works well, his director should be worried because it will follow a decline not a summit. As I said I opened a shop in my Stanceni village. It sells household products which are very useful for people from this part. Here it comes distributors which bring cheap products for every pockets:)

  3. OK, Alina, so you wanted to say that an enterpreneur should never be satisfied with the current state of his business because it can always fail, yes?

    About yourself, so your business is distributing household products - can you name some? I like very much the Ikea concept of household products but unfortunately we do not have them locally.

  4. You understood perfectly what I want to say. A company could fail every moment. Some from my household products are: kitchen things (cutlery, plates, glasses, etc.), garden things (buckets, brooms, rakes, etc.) and other things that a person needs around his home. I’d like to be Ikea because people would have much more products which help them work.

  5. All people can become poor enterpriser if they made mistakes. A lot of company bankrupt because of human factor. People became greedy and made some decisions what are very bad for the company. Some of the most popular mistake in our country is when the enterpriser spend the company's money immediately for things what are not useful for the company like luxury cars. I can't say a good opinion how to manage a company very well, because i don't have enough experience in this field, but how i said the main problem is the human factor, so if someone will became an enterpriser must manage the company with full of his attention and knowledge.

  6. The most important characteristic of successful business man is to belive in himself. If you have a bad image of yourself you cannot rise above ever. The fact that I’m not a giving up person may help me to succeed in life. I hope to become a successful man and never to be afraid to risk. And…like a word say “ you don’t risk, you don’t win” :D

  7. First I think you have success when you trust yourself and do not take into consideration what others say about you, because no one knows you better than yourself. Only then can you be a success when you are sure what you are doing and you and enjoy.
    Feature that will help me in the future in my career is that I am a reliable person and sincere in what they do and I think that will help me in my career.

  8. I can not choose just one feature, because in my opinion to be a successful businessman you need more than one characteristic.In the first place you need to be seriously,put a lot of heart in what you do and a lot of ambition because it's not sure will be a successful business and you should not give up, in contrary, try again.
    Feature that I think would help me in my career is that I am a good organizer and I do not give up that easy.