Thursday, 1 May 2014

SWOT ANALYSIS - Our university

Last time we discussed about the SWOT and PEST analyses of a company and of ourselves.

In this post you are invited to write:
-one strength
-one weakness
-one opportunity
-one threat
of our University. Please read carefully the comments that were already approved and do not repeat what your colleagues have already mentioned.


  1. SWOT analysis:
    -one strength: very prepared teachers, four different faculties such as Economics science, Law, Psychology and Geography and a private printing house
    -one weakness: the lake of proper temperature in winter
    -one opportunity: the possibility to go in a Erasmus plan
    -one threat: competitors have a better marketing idea, they promote their products better

    1. Hi Bianca, can you explain us what does the expression "lake" of temperature means?


  2. SWOT ANALYSIS - Our university

    University- strong points : It has a big and modern learning enviroment.
    -weakness : Some student aren’t verry active in school activities.
    - opportunity: Students have the opportunities to study in different countries through ERASMUS.
    - threa:the chanse of future student sing in with are university are geting slimmer year after year.

  3. SWOT Analysis – our university
    - one strength – the Erasmus Programme which facilitates the connection between Romanian Students and foreign students ( and therefore between cultures)
    - one weakness – the fact the University has been officially accredited only in 2005
    - one opportunity – at graduate level, four-term MA degree programs are organized: Banks and Capital Markets; New Institutions and Tendencies in Private Law; Supervising Expert Appraisement and Financial Audit; Psychodiagnosis; Counselling and Psychotherapy
    - one threat – more and more students choose to go abroad in order to work thinking they do not need a degree anymore

  4. Strong points: Teachers with high level of knowledge , private parking lot, typography
    Weak points: lack of heat during winter
    Opportunities: the students of the university can apply for Erasmus, a program wich offers the possibility to study during a whole semester in a foreign country
    Threats: Every year fewer students enroll, because they have difficulties obtaining the baccalaureate certificate

  5. Weaknesses: does not have an elevator for disabled people even, there is no air conditio in the classroom
    Strengths: well-trained teachers, cleaning, private parking and free, reading room ,library
    Opportunities: young students can be involved in school activities, can study in different countries over a period of time.
    Threats: A time now fewer and fewer young people fail to get a passing grade baccalaureate and this cause can be a great threat to the university

  6. -one strenght:The relationship between students and teachers it`s very open so you can work and study in the same time
    -one weakness:The internet wireless doesn`t work always.
    -one oportunity: After I finish the university I can find a good job with a big salary.
    -one threat:Some employers are wary of students who graduate from Dimitrie Cantemir,it is a private university.Some employers choose students from state universities

  7. Swot analysis-Our university
    one strength: University has teachers with high level of knowledge
    one weakness: not find courses and books
    one opportunity: the great opportunity is Erasmus Programme
    one threat: number of students begins to decrease annually

  8. one strength: Well equipped library (internet, space, light, number of books)
    one weakness: Lack of rest rooms (toilets) on every floor, no bicycle parking on campus
    one opportunity: students have the change for extra curricular things, ex: to join campus clubs like Speogeoda
    one threat: more and more students choose similar budget universities as their names or better , lack of budgetary spots for well learning students could also decrease the number of new enrolled students

    1. Beatrix,
      what do you mean by: "change" for extracurricular things?
      You have to rephrase the Threat: it seems Google translated! If you try the opposite, i.e. translating this English version into Romanian, you will see how horrible it is!
      If you explain it in a simpler way, it will be easier.

    2. excuse me, I misspelled chance and I wrote change;
      threat: more and more students choose universities that cost the same amount of money, because their names are better known than Cantemir's, other universities offer well learning students budgetary places, Cantemir does not , this could decrease the number of new students

  9. -one strength: it is a very modern university, equipped with computers, internet and slideshows in almost every classroom,
    and it has a classroom with a company in wich the students from economics can make practice
    -one weakness: there are a lot of activities during the year, but just a few of the students are active in those school activities;
    -one opportunity: obtaining a diploma in different domains that will help you find a good job
    -one threat: the competition between this university and other universities

  10. 1.Strong points
    Teachers are very well trained in terms of preparing students, there are private campus and are four faculties: Faculty of Law, Economic Sciences, Psychology and Geography.

  11. Strong points
    -teachers are very well trained in preparing students , there is a private campus and there are four faculties:Faculty of Law,Economic Sciences,Psychology and Geography
    - the Erasmus Program enables young students to study for a period in other Universities collaborating from different countries.
    -the downside is that today's society doesn't trust graduates as a workforce ,unless they have several years of experience of in the field.
    - there is a lack of air conditioning in the classroom.

  12. - one strength: Very good university library is to acquire new knowledge.
    - one weakness: No air conditioning and the summer is a terror are all kinds of smells.
    - one opportunity: After you graduate you can employ.
    - one threat: decreases in the number of students each year because passing the baccalaureate

    1. Bianca,
      the correct form is:
      - library is used to acquire new`;
      - after you graduate you can be employed
      - decreases in the number of students because of NOT passing the baccalaureate.

  13. Strength: beautiful campus, big car park, friendly and smart teachers,
    weakness: don't has elevator, bus station near the campus,
    Opportunity: you can go to company s to get experience and learn practically things,
    Threat: more and more students don t learn anything because they think they pass the exams without learning.

    1. The correct form: does not have (3rd person); companies (plural change of Y to I); practical things (pratical is an adjective, unlike: she speaks practically three languages).
      Hope you bear in mind these next time.

  14. - one strength: -very well trained teachers,communicative.
    -a big car parking
    -a good grocery store

    - one weakness: -summer in 3rd floor is uncomfortably hot
    -wi-fi internet its weak or not

    -one opportunity: -to finish university you can find a good job
    -during university you cann benefit for ERASMUS

    -one threat: -competition betwen university its high,most make somthing to keep up.

  15. one strength:provides the opportunity for people who are working to get a degree without having to attend classes daily
    one weakness:the fact that you can pay the tuition fee only to the cashier's
    Office and not offer the possibility of online payment
    one opportunity:throught ERASMUS students have the opportunity to go to paid internships at several companies in the Europea Union
    one threat:is the fact that the few students who pass the baccalaureate choose the State Faculties

  16. SWOT analysis - my university
    - Strength: the university is well equipped technologically and has highly qualified teachers in the field.
    - Weakness: (honestly, I struggle to find one ) .. but climbing up on the 3rd floor, especially in summer, it becomes a burden.
    - Opportunity: We have a well stocked library
    - Threat: most of the time, very few students come to classes and seminars and I believe that those who do not regularly are not as well trained.

    -one strength:the University has a beautiful garden where you can relax between courses.You can not find the same environment in town.

    -one weakness:When the room is crowdy,inside is very high temperature.There is no AC.

    -one opportunity:After the graduation you aply for beeing a teacher in the same time as economist.

    -threat:If the students choose to aply for ERASMUS they will probably find a job after the program and they will never come back for work in Romania.And so we lose good and profi economists.

  18. SWOT ANALYSIS-my university
    -strong points-modern and orderly learning center, beautiful courtyards buildings.
    -weakness: no scholarships for students at university.
    -opportunity:it is possible that participation in different activities as well.At a certain program one pursue studies abroad, including: Hungary,Spain etc.
    -threat:fewer and fewer students at the university.

  19. SWOT ANALYSIS - Dimitrie Cantemir University
    Strength -we have some of the best teachers. they are strict when is necesarry but they show kindness when you have a problem
    Weakness- there is not enough heat in the winter, and for the summer it would be usefull an airconditioner, especially fot the third floor
    Opportunity - thanks to Erasmus the students have the opportunity to study abroad
    Threat - many employers prefer the student for a state university rather the ones from an private one, like ours

  20. SWOT Analysis
    -one strength: we have many different profiles to choose to study and we have a modern building and very well equipped classrooms.
    -one weakness: winter the radiators doesn't work all day and we have to move from one class to another to find warmth.
    -one opportinity: we can make practice during the academic year at the firm with the same domain you study.
    -one threat: each year the number of students applying to our university is becoming smaller and smaller because there are other univerisities where students can study to state.

  21. SWOT analysis:
    strength: well traind and friendly teachers, well equipped classrooms and library.
    weakness: does not have an elevator, does not have a bus station. opportunity: good opportunity to find a job and to progress in career.
    one threat: less students finish their study.

  22. SWOT ANALYSIS-my university
    1 strong point- is a university with a high prestige all around the world,and very understanding teachers.
    2 weakness : except the problem in the summer with the air conditioning,and wi-fi slow or (not there)off I can`t find any other weakness.
    3 There are many opportunities from makeing new friend to erasmus program,activites where you can be involved at gain experience for your futher.
    4.Threat-I can`t say actually that is a threat both the students from Targu Mures take the decision to go at Universites from other town,the university should be more promovated and with clearly examples what they can won after 3 or 4 years of studies at DImitrie Cantemir Targu Mures University!

    1. Dragos,
      can you correct the following:
      - makeing new friend
      - gain experience for your futher
      - promovated, with clearly examples of what they can won

  23. 1 strong: proper maintenance and cleaning of university
    2 weakness: except the thing about wi-fi and the lack of AC especialy at third floor.
    3 Oportunity: After i finish this university I thing I will have the oportunity to be proud in the moment I will make a new CV to aply for a well pai job.
    4 If the university continue to let the things like this I thing that therea are no threats.

  24. SWOT ANALYSIS - Our university

    One strength – well trained teachers, modern technology in every class, study materials in library
    One weakness – there’s no distance education
    One opportunity – to progress in career
    One threat – big fees and not many can afford

  25. .-one strength-we have a modern university with a big car park , a shop, a well equipped classroom and very good teachers.
    -one weakness-the wireless internet doesn’t work around the university
    -one opportunity-I think the Erasmus program is a good opportunity
    -one threat-lately, more and more students find a job in different countries and they don't come back to finish the university

    Strenght - well - qualified,patient professors
    Weakness - presence is not mandatory and because of this,just a few student attend the courses regulary
    Opportunity - opportunity to participate on many different activities,with which we can diversificate our knnowledge,and improve our skills to communicate with other people
    Threat - from the beginning of the year the students number is decreasing,there are cases when nobody is present on a course

    1. Tamas,
      I would like to ask you to try and correct some of your spelling/language errors:
      - analyzis, strenght, a few student, diversificate, knnowledge

  27. -One strength: University has teachers with high level of knowledge
    -One weakness:the university don't have air conditioning and when it's summer time in a classroom is very hot
    -One opportunity: obtaining a diploma in different domains that will help you find a good job
    -One threat: -competition between university its high,most make something to keep up.

    1. Alina, I could not understand the last sentence about the threat, what do you mean by "most"?