Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Dear students!
This year we will work together in a new digital medium besides the university classes.
This blog will be my link with you. Here you will find instructions about what you are supposed to do, links to exercises, assignments on which you are supposed to post comments, challenges, competitions, certificates for he best blog poster, etc.

COMMENTS: In order to post comments you need to create your own Google account (if you don't have one already). Go to google and type: Create a google account follow the steps.
When you sign your comments it is recomended that you do not use your whole name, only your first name and the initial of your last name (for safety reasons). You will then write your nickname on a list circulating in class, so that I know who you are.
If you have doubts about the correctness of your contributions, please email me (I can only speak English!!) or ask a friend/colleague to help.
The comments should not be long, but try to be as original and creative, challenging and imaginative as possible when you respond to posts. Do not only respond to the teacher's post: read and comment on your colleagues' opinions as well, ask them questions, you don't have to pay anything for this, only to gain. A blog is a conversation, so keep it going!

In order to receive other information and instructions directly into your email box, you will have to become members of our yahoogroup: . To become a member you have to request access to the group owner. You have to go to the group address: and click on "Join this group". Then sign in with your yahoo email address and then follow the steps. At comment to owner, you should give your name, year, section and why you'd like to join the group. Step 2: choose "individual email" and in step 3 choose the option "fully featured", type the code that you see and then click "Join". In a couple of days you should receive the group owner's response.

We will have guests from abroad, students from similar fields as yours.
Revisit certain tasks as you may have to answer certain questions that other visitors might have addressed you.
Everyone in the world can see what you have written, so keep an eye on correctness!
Evaluation will be based on quality rather than quantity.
Wishing you a warm welcome to your first English class without walls!


  1. Unfortunately I am missing in the photo, but I hope we will make make another ones during the year! :-)

  2. It sometimes happens that good things may happen when one is absent. That is why being present in classes is highly recommended.

  3. servus Ms. Pop.Ce mai faceti?l am happy to see you again. l am also a member of this blog. l can follow you from here. l'll add my comments. l am not far, here.see you :)

  4. Dear Sibel,
    I am glad you haven't forgotten the Romanian you learnt during your Erasmus year.
    I also appreciate that you still keep in touch with us.

    It would be very nice to hear from you and also from your colleagues, yes, why not invite them here. If they agree to contribute I will create a special post of exchanges between Adana and Dimitrie Cantemir University. Please let me know.

  5. me too. thank you. of course,l'll try.

  6. I just want to say THANK YOU for this opportunity, the idea ’English class without walls’ it’s great.. at first, I didn’t know what I supposed to do…but after a few months I can say that I really like to post my ideas on the blog.

  7. Hi everyone,
    At first the idea seemed very strange blog....but after a few months ago seems to be a good idea, because we can post your own ideas on the blog;)

  8. Hello. I think this is a very good ideea, with the blog, and it should be taken into consideation by more teachers.

  9. Hello.
    I just want to say just who had the ideea of increasing both areas of this blog was a great idea,for us can post the ideas ,thanks Teacher.

  10. Hello
    The idea with the blog seems to be a good one.It is useful because it help us to develop our english spelling and also the reading.

  11. Hello
    This blog was a great idea, because helped us to increase our writing and reading in English.And as I see everybody is happy with it:) Thank you