Sunday, 6 March 2011

Welcome to our BLOG GUESTS from FRANCE!

Dear students,
this is our fabulous opportunity to meet Mrs. Elizabeth Anne and her students from Grenoble, France. You will be able to exchange information about what it is to be a student in France and Romania as well.

Welcome to our blog, dear Elizabeth and students!

Monday 14th March
Thank you so much for all of your questions. I hope my students will answer them when I see them next week. Please don't hesitate to add more !

I have made a slide show to show you our campus. You can see it (and listen to me) by clicking on the link here.
Keep up the good work :-)


  1. Hello students in Mures,
    I've been reading your comments on this blog, and it seems to me that you are working well in English. I'm looking forward adding a post here as soon as I see my students on Thursday. Is there anything you would like me to ask them already ?

  2. Hello Mrs.Elizabeth Anne.I am curious how is one day in the students life in your university?Thank you

  3. Hello!
    Where do the students live during school?
    I'm not from this town.I live in a rented apartament,so I have to work to pay my rent.
    what about you?Thanks a lot.

  4. Hello!
    I'd like to know if that the students have a busy timetable and how many classes they have in a day.
    Thank you!

  5. Hello!
    I`m just wondering if french students know any informations about Romania or Targu Mures, and if they would like to study in our University for a semester or maybe more. :)
    Merci beaucoup! :)

  6. Hello, My name is Izabella.
    My question is how easy is it to find a job in your field after you graduate your studies?
    Thank you!

  7. Hello!
    I'm Ana Maria ,and I'd like to know what do students do during the week-end?

  8. Hello. I would like to ask you if at your university in France there are students over 35 years old and how do they manage studying?

  9. Hello Ana Maria!
    I'm Quentin Aubourg. I'm studding Physics in UJF and the week-end is perfect to pratice montain sport. During winters you can sking every days. In summer you can pratrice many sorpts like walking, climbing and more. Of course you can do all classic sports like football. For my part, i love fly whith a paragliding. Grenoble is a good place for it.
    Bye !

  10. hey bereskrisztina!!
    most of the students live in student residence, so most of us rent a small room of 20 m2 or less!!
    some of us work to pay their student life and others take money from their parents!!
    Others still live at their parents house!!
    come and visit grenoble it's beautiful!!

  11. Hello!!!!!!!!!
    J'm Moulaye!!!!At the week end there are many students who go to see their familly or friends.Personnaly J spend most week-end with my friends and J like play football.

  12. hello my friend Izabella!!! you ask avery good question!! To find a job in France is more difficult on the time. But if you are graduated in yours studies perhaps that I will find a job because it's more easy but it will not sure.
    Big kiss my friend!! See you

  13. Hello..
    My question is simple .. How long will you spend in college?

  14. Hello Raloo,

    Our timetable is very busy in the first three days of the week with 4 or 5 classes (classes last one and a half hours) per day and the two other days we have practicals (which last 5 our 8 hours).

  15. Hello Cezar Adrianna,

    In my group the oldiest student have 22 years old ;).
    And in your univeristy in Roumania ?

  16. Hello Kozbella,

    I'm SIKORA Alexandre, to find easily a job in your field, you must go in the site of ANPE and to put your CV. Or you search a site which correspond that you want to go to work and you search to meet a person with who speak.

  17. dear julia,
    you want know my schedules,
    for exemple, the wensday
    i wake up at 6h45
    after 30 minute of tram i am at the université for 8h00, i have two sessions (quantum mecanics and statistics physics), every session during 1h30, at 11h30 we go to eat, at the cafeteria.
    at 13h30, it's time for 3 more sessions (quatum mecanics and 3 hours of astrophysics). and i go at home at 19h00.
    see you

  18. Dear Physics students from Grenoble,
    Alexandre, Mathieu, Benjamin, Dorian, Giraud, Moulaye, Celeste, Quentin,

    Thank you for taking your time to answer my students’ questions. Please feel free to ask your own questions as well. In this way we hope you will be able to enrich your cultural knowledge and of course your English.

    I have learnt that both you and my students have only two hours of English a week, but your English is very good. Congratulations!

    Do you have other opportunities to listen to or practise English, such as watching movies on TV? Or are movies dubbed? Do you have newspapers in English? Do you have Erasmus echanges or summer courses that help you improve your foreign language?

    Wishing you success with your studies,
    Anisoara Pop

  19. Hi iulia_2015;

    A day in the university usually starts around quarter to ten. We go to class, then we eat in one of the cafeterias of the campus. Food is neither good nor bad, but it's a quick and cheap way to eat.
    Afterwards we play card games (tarot or 'barbu', you can translate it to long beard).
    Then we go on with the afternoon lessons with a 15 minutes break at 3 and 4:45. Some of us drink some cofee or a hot chocolate during the second break.
    Then we go back home, when we dont have class we play card games or try to get some work done (try because the temptation to get the cards out is strong)

    how about a day in your university?

  20. Hi anna-maria;

    are you asking how much time we spend in the university or for how long are we going to study in the university o.O?

    Um, well monday to wednesday we spend about 8 and a half hours in the university (although we only have 6-7 and a half hours of courses). Thursday or Friday we only have 2 hours of english, (if you have english on friday you get a 3 day weekend) unless you have lab practice sessions that last 5 hours (you only get 4-5 of these in the semester)

    If we were to stay in Grenoble until we finished the university, then we still have at least 5 more years to go. Although i don't know if many of us are going to remain here for our phd.


  21. Hi, I am Tudor, please tell me how many students are in one group, and is class attendance mandatory?

  22. Hello!
    My name is Szidonia. I would like to know if there is anything that you would change on your school? (For example rules.) And I also want to ask you if your school organizes something special for Easter and Christmas?

  23. Hello Mathieu.Jourdain and Bernard Armand.Your days are demanding, but exciting at the same time.I would like to be at least one day in your place to see how it is.

  24. Hellow Quentin Aubourg, Moulaye!!

    Thank you for the answer.What you do in the week-end, is different from what we do.And I say that because, studets of here usually in the evenigs go out with their friends, or go to the cinema.
    In summer we can go swiming in the river(the river crosses our town) or there is a very famous salty lake, the Bear lake in Sovata wich is about 40 km away from Targu Mures. Another place to visit is Cheile Bicazului(Gorges) , I live in the area, and it's a very beutiful place for the turist and I recomended it to you. During the university, in the week-end I go to Toplita where my grandparents live ,to spend the time with them.

  25. Hello Dorian!
    Thank you for the answer!It seems that you have more classes then us.We have six hours on Monday,Tuesday and Friday,on Thursday we have only two hours(English) and Wendsday is free.Our classes last fifty minutes and ten minutes break,but 10 minutes are not enough especially now that it's spring and so sunny outside!LOL..
    Nice talking to you!

  26. Hi CELESTE!
    Thanks for the answer and for your invitation to visit Grenoble,looks like you also live like me.You can also come to visit Romania,because is a beautiful country you have many palces,things to visit(defileul DEDA-TOPLITA,SOVATA,TARGU-MURES)Nice talking to you Krisztina.

  27. Hello I'm Petruta... I want to know if you go to all of your classes or do you sometimes skip them and go for a coffee? if so are there any good places to have coffee in?

  28. Hello mrs. Elizabeth, I want to know if your students make different project like us and how much has get involved?

  29. Hello Petruta,
    I'm Pania. YES :), attending all the classes is mandatory, specially there are some professors that check the students presence regularly; but you can skip them sometimes :) but it's better to tell the professor that you will be absent for the next session, in this case, there would be no problem.
    For your second question, I would say YES too! :) As being in France that is famous for its cafés, you can find a café quite easily to drink a cup of coffee, sit and talk with your friends for hours!!!. In our Campus as well, there are many café restaurants. One of the famous one is "café no name".
    If you have a habit of going to cafés, I really suggest you to visit a France :)

  30. Hi Capot,
    I'm afraid we don't really have enough time to do projects :-(
    The students have English lessons only during one term so that's 24 hours of English and they have so much work to do for their Physics that most of the work for English is done in class.

    Last week we recorded a talk show, where one of the students was a well known Physicist and their partner was the host of the talk show - then they watched the video to see what they need to improve in their English :-)

    Everything we do is done in just one class, that's why I have to say no - we don't really do projects.

  31. Hello!
    My name is ERIKA and I would like to know how much is your university's annual fee?
    And how many hours do you have within a week?
    Thank You!

  32. Hello ERIKA,
    My name is Pania. I am not French and as a foreigner, I had to pay about 400 Euros that 200 Euros of that was for student's insurance.
    In the current semester, for example, our classes take about 25 hours per week.
    What about you? I'd like to know about the annnual fee of your university too.
    Thank you

  33. name is Raluca and am 20 year old.I want to know how you have free time during the week? thank you....Raluca

  34. I'm Barni and I would like to know if you have projects to make at home.I'd also like to know how is an examination going on over there,how many exams do you have during a year,how long is summer holiday?
    Thank you,

  35. Hi, my name is Adi. I would like to know, how many hours do you spend, in France, at school (university) ? My schedule starts usually at 8 o'clock and finishes around 2 or 4 o'clock in the afternoon.

  36. Hello!
    I'm wondering what do student hostels look like in France? Could you describe the facilities that you have?
    Thank you!

  37. Hey, I'm Sergiu. I'd like to know everything about your school :D your schedule, how much time you usualy spend at school.. what do you do after school.. if there are interesting activities that you do with your school.. how well you did at the exams.. :)

  38. Hi!I want to ask you about life in France and also in your university.How do the students from there spend their free time?

  39. Hello everyone,
    I was recently in Grenoble. It's a very nice city. I might pass trough Grenoble one more time this year. What should I visit? I will have just a few hours and I really want to stop by..

  40. Hi all! I wonder if French students will have the opportunity to work in their field after graduation? And how good will be the salary?

  41. I know i'm a little bit late with my question but is it true that after you finish college in france, you only get to work for 7 hours a day? not 8 like in Romania?

    Thank you..

  42. Hello!
    My name is Adrian ,i would like to know how many exams do you have during a year?And if you can find easily a job after graduation?
    Thank you!

  43. Hello!I am just curious if any of the French students is willing to leave France to work in another country and why. Because Romanian students often quit their school and go abroad in quest for another life, an easier one, for money and so on.

  44. Hi ,I'm Stefan, please tell me haw you your school year is structured in France?

  45. Hello. I would like to know if you studied at university other foreign languages besides English.

  46. Bonjour a tous

    Je sais que je devrais ecrire en englais mais je n'ai pas parle en francais de quelques mois et je veux un peu pratique:)
    Je m'appele Alina et j'aime les langues etrangeres:)
    Quelqu'un de vous est ete en Roumanie?si non nous vous attendre.
    Bon journe!

  47. Hello students from Grenouble,

    I have one question.
    What’s happening if you don’t pass an exam? You must to pay it or what?

  48. Thank you very much for your warm welcome!