Thursday, 6 October 2011


Most people would be happy to change the world once, but Steve Jobs did it four times.
Founder and CEO of Apple, who transformed everyday technology and invented ever sleeker gadgets like the PC, Ipod, Iphone, Steve Jobs, who died on Wednesday, was a singular figure in American business history.
He didn't invent personal computers, digital music, smartphones, tablets or digital animation, he did something more important. He made them good.
And he did it while making a lot of money from them as well. Right now Apple values twice the Romanian GDP.

He changed the business world more in one lifetime than anyone in the last 50 years. Not by creating ground-breaking technology, but by making technology that "just worked" for people.

His commencement speech at Stanford University in 2005 is a true message for us all:

What have you learnt from this speech? his life lesson?


  1. I think I've watched Steve's speech like for or five times now, but what popped out for me was that " we've got to find what we love and then the only way to do great work is to love what we do"

    I know that it's not easy ... it's not supposed to be easy. Knowing ourselves, knowing what we truly love is what makes us capable of changing the world! And this is the real deal :)

    Regarding his life is kind-of interesting cause I dropped out from my first university, after 2 years of engineering because that wasn't my place! Steve is saying something like "try, try try and find your place". The struggles are making us stronger and at the end he's saying "be hungry": hungry for life, hungry for love, hungry for truly being yourselves!

  2. For me the lesson I learned from Steve Jobs speech was that we have to find our goal in life. If we have that then the next important thing is to persist beside that.
    We have to overcome each and every obstacle that was put in front of us, because we have to prove that we are strong enough.
    We don't have to come from a rich or famous family to be successful in life. If we have enough power to stand by our dream they will come true.

  3. Raul Ovidiu Veres:
    God damnit, I typed a long comment from my phone and it didn't work. Here we go again.

    The bottom line in Steve's speech is that you have to just go with the flow and change your life if you don't like it. I like that mantra. I try to avoid people that bother me or put me in a bad mood.

    And he is a perfect example of "carpe diem". He lived his life to the fullest and he achieved in one year what some people achieve in a lifetime. He is greater than Bill Gates. Steve was an artist, a genius. Not just smart, but truly amazing.

    Don't tread water. Always try to be happy and make something. Something you love, something everyone can love.

  4. From Steve's speach I learned that we must have a purpose in live and it doesn't matter how hard is life with us we must believe in us and in our knowledge and we must fight to achive our goal in life.
    His life example make people think about the decisions they make in life.

  5. I must admit that this is the first time I’ve seen Steve Jobs. While listening to his speech I realized that he was man gifted with a bright mind and a big heart. I believe he is so right when he encourages young people to find and follow the things they could fall in love with. I know that for me it would be such an accomplishment to love my job, to have dreams about the future instead of nightmares . I think that love is what should guide us trough life for love gives us good mood, positive thinking, bright ideas, and wings to fly towards our goal at work and in life.
    The main idea that stays stuck in my mind after listening to Steve Job’s speech is that success goes hand in hand with loving what you do, so if I haven’t found yet the thing I love to do for the future, I “must keep looking and not settle.”

  6. Honestly, i like peoaple like Steve. Thanks to these kind of people, the world still has a chance to a better living. I never seen Steve Jobs before, i didn't knew he was the CEO at apple(I'm not really such a big fan of Apple ^_^) but after heaing him speeking in front of the students and telling them to do what they like to do and be the best in that, ignoring the others and listening just to what they're mind says, really fulled my heart. I forgot that there are people like that left on Earth. God bless him!

  7. As I heard Steve Job’s speach the first question which flashed in front of me was that, why can’t be everyone as strong as he was. He followed his dreams and we can see that what he become.

    He is the proof that we don’t have the right to give up no matter what kind of obstacles come in front of us.

    A lion heart without a mind is usseles. He had these 2 things and he had that great power to fulfilled his dream.
    If we follow his way of thinking about living then we can be successful.