Monday, 3 October 2011


We live historical times. A few days ago, the world's biggest physics lab unveiled a shocking finding: that one type of subatomic particle, the neutrin, was clocked going faster than the speed of light. Watch the movie below and see how this breakthrough might impact our lives.

What impressed you in this movie?
What piece of news of major importance have you heard/watched?


  1. What is really impressive for me in this video is that there is a faster speed than the speed of light! And that time travelling is possible not only in theory but in practice also. (who knows how the future will be in 100 years?!)

    A news of major importance is that everything that we know about physics, universe, time, will change tremendously in the ears that are about to come!

    Every now and then everything we know about universe is changing, maybe we are living such times!?

  2. It is true that everithing in the world is developing. We just can not stay in one place. We do not know what the future holds for us.

    Who knows, maybe the animals will talk, although the possibility of this is enough small. But none of us can know that where will we go on the course of evolution. The science does not stop, that is continuesly evolving.

    We are already there that a sheep named Dolly is cloned by scientists in Edinburgh, it has 3 mothers and 0 fathers. Surveys show that 30,000 years from now men will disappear from the earth's surface.