Saturday, 29 October 2011

It's different now...

I'm sure you played the "finding differences" game a lot not long ago. 
Would you like to refresh your memory? Try finding the 5 differences in Mona Lisa here

Did it take you long? Now let's hear about at least three striking or less obvious differences you've already encountered in being a student vs being a pupil. Please reflect on them: are these differences to the better? What is your opinion of change? Is it easy for you to change or you try to resist it? Why and when do people change and why/when they don't? Let's hear your opinions.


  1. The difference in being a student vs being a pupil is the responsibility of being a student because when you are a pupil mother and father are buying you all the books you need and everything you need but when you are a student you have more responsibilities you must work to pay your bills and your school,you are a grown-up.People must change because they have to change and because life forces them to chance.

  2. Okay now, let's see... The difference between being a student and being a pupil is enormous from one point of view and on the other hand, it ain't such big difference. Yes, is not the same. You've grown up, you have many things to do, many people who rely on you helping them. Your a grown up now, responsabilities come one after another as time passes by. On the other hand, nothing changed. You still have to study, still have to do your homework, project... and so on. So basicly, you didnt losed the life as a studying child. Your the same, just a bit older ^_^. The thing is that there are 2 kinds of people: 1. the guy who doesnt want to grow up, no matter the age
    2. the guy who cant stand the fact being a kid and try to grow up faster then they have too....
    I personally prefer growing up with my mind, acting like a mature person with responsabilities, but keep the kind and soft heart of a child :).

  3. Well... well... The difference between being a pupil and a student it’s hard for me to decide. As a pupil we arn’t so committed, as a student we know what is our goal, and we are fighting for it.

    As a student we are learning only what we like and we need to succeed. I remember that in the school we had to learn what we didn’t like or what we don’t use in our life, even so in my opinion the years in the school bench were much better and beautiful than now.

    These differences are playing an important role in our life. The fact that everything is changing around us makes our personality strongger and better.

  4. The difference between being a student and a pupil is that students take or at least should take learning and practicing way more seriously than pupils because they are more mature and they chose to go to college to form a brighter future, while pupils are a bit more childish and their education is basic, and doesn't really reflect on their future occupations/jobs.
    Another difference is the way the classes are divided, in highschool the pupils have one hour simple classes while in college they have two hour seminars and other.
    On the course of our lives we are changing… we will have several problems and obstacles in our way, these will change us, but these changes will be only in our favor.

  5. Firstly, I think students don't take school seriously. So war we had to go to school. Now we have this freedom to not go if we don't want to and get away with it.
    Also, another huge difference is how teachers think. They are more open minded and friendly in college. I think that highschool teachers have had too many troubles with teenagers and most of them get dumber every year.
    But the most important difference is that students can smoke in peace, without being cramped in a bathroom and fearing teachers.