Wednesday, 26 October 2011

My favorite YouTube clip

This is one of my favorite YT clips. It impressed me because it shows the existence of strong bonds and love between animals (even wild ones) and humans.

Although I have never had the chance to experience such a thing, the closest I've ever been to a lion being in the zoo, last summer I stayed with my parents'dog before its passing away - a traumatizing experience which taught me a lot about love, honour and suffering.

What is your favorite YT clip and why? Give us the link. Does it represent you in some way? Explain.


  1. This is my favorit video:
    - I saw it first time in the news -

    In my opinion this video shows the real nature of the world. Everywhere are people who steal, cheat or lie. Fortunately, sooner or later they will be caught. Unfortunately this is not always in this way. Even the animals can also be enough tricky to catch a thief.

    The saddest thing that has been proven many times is that the animals are more careful than the humans.

    Even the pinguin was stealing the stones to build a secured nest for the egg and his loved one.

  2. Raul Ovidiu Veres:
    People worry too much about small things.
    George Carlin is someone who had the nerve to (pardon the language) piss people off. Sadly he died. I agree with everything he says. This is a perfect example. We're making Hybrid cars to save the ozone but half the world's population is living in the gutter. Just listen to what this guy says, YouTube is filled with George Carlin.

  3. Very interesting your video Zsuzsi and plenty of food for thought in it! Thanks for sharing!

  4. My favorit video is this :

    I think that we can realy think about this.
    In the way how a pet and a wild animal can live in peace and happines, in that way should we live too.

    Why can't we live in peace? It should not be important our religion, or nationality, or our races. Living in peace is a way of life in which we respect and love each other, just like these animals.

  5. This is one of my favorite clip video:

    Actually,it isn't the original one.The original one is bellow:

    I am not a fan of any kind of advertising becouse we all know that it comes when we expect less:in the middle of the action of our favorite tv show or movie and it take forever
    This video is different becouse it has something special:FEELINGS!
    It reminds me of that period when I was a child and I used to go together with my family to visit our grandmother and I kept asking"does it take any longer?"...than,in a minute or two,I was asking the same irritating question:"mom,dad,dooes it take any longer?why grandmother lives so far away?"and my parents always answered me with a calm voice and a lot of patience every time"we're almost there darling":)
    We should all stop,at least once,from our daily activities and try to be different with the others.
    The world which we live in,is a selfish one,ruled by material things and malignacy.
    Time is not enough anymore,but,even though,we all must have time to cherish our family and to be there when they need us.


    This is one of my favorites youtube clip. It touched me in a big way because 90% of the people these days complain. They complain for not having enough money, because they can't go this year in a vacation, because they have to go to work, and so on, but this guy, with his "arms and legs" doesnt complain about how his life turned out, in fact he enjoys it and loves it more then anything. He has the stregth of a true winner, the ability to try and try and try on and on and on, untill succes, no matter how many times he failed. I really believe he is an example for us all.

  7. This is my favourite youtube clip. When I first saw it, I was so impressed that I cryed and I get sad every time I watch it. The most important thing is that the parents are the most important beeings from everyones lifes. We have to apreciate every moment spent with our parents, just the way this kid waits every day to see his ill mother. We can not buy health or make hearts from red paper. When a child becomes orphan the whole world changes and doesn't matter how much you want to go back in time and change things. We have to make every day special, in this way we put aside in our memory a moment from every day of our life.