Thursday, 3 November 2011

Corporate NOs - Tatoos and bodypiercing

Read the article about dress code policies in recent years which you can find here.
What is your opinion about it? Consider this question from your point of view as a future employer and employee. Do you know of cases when these rules applied? when they did not apply in our country?


  1. Raul Veres:

    I must agree to the dress code (except the outrageous one where you even have to wear a scarf, it seems preposterous).
    Most people judge by appearance, so if someone is representing my company, I want them to send out the right image. Clean cut, well-groomed, properly dressed and with no visible tattoos or piercings (except small decent ones, for example a small nose piercing for ladies, a small tattoo on the wrist or such etc. As for what the eye can't see, I say anyone can colour their body like a colouring book or poke some metal here and there if it makes them feel good. But image is important and in these times, we need to keep decent. You'd be surprised of the people sporting a nice little ring or some ink underneath their clothes. ;-)

  2. Couldnt agree more. If a person whant's to wear piercing or tatoos on his back/arm/head and so on, then let it be. But you can't expect to be accepted in the comunity like that. If people will all make tatoos and put piercings, i wonder how will we all look? Like aboriginals maybe :D

  3. I fully agree, if someone wants to tattoo he can get it, but it has to be discreet, don’t be flashy, or a disgusting thing.
    When I go to a store and I see such a worker it makes me sick and I would rather not buy anything just to avoid seeing him.
    I think that the most of the people are acting like me, this isn’t right but neither that. Everyone should find the limit between something interesting and disgusting.

  4. Let's see ... I do not think that tattoos are beautiful, dare I say it is ugly, useless. Many people do it for fashion's sake, others for fun and do not realize that this is a life-long thing. Those people who has such things as tattoos or piercings they don’t get job opportunity like “normal” people.
    I do not like those people who are full of tattoos and have piercings all over. For me these people are not normal…
    If I were an employer I’d like as my employee to be clean, held, in our life the image takes a very important role.

  5. we live in a free world...everybody can do almost what he/she wants as long as the "others" are not harmed.I don't like tatoos,but this is just my opinion.Every person can do whatever she wants with her body.Nothing is forbidden everything is permitted.But we should never forget that a tatoo or a bodypiercing doesn't make anyone a "cool" person,as some person believe.

  6. In my opinion, in nowadays our appearance matters maybe too much. A lot of people are judged by how they look or how they are dressed like.
    Of course, everyone can do whatever he wants with his body but he has to think that if he wants to work somewhere where the image matters, he can't go with tatoos and bodypiercing.
    Honestly, I like tatoos and bodypiercing but not in excess. Tatoos can be a pure art if are made beautiful and with passion. However, if you really want a tatoo, it should be made in a not very visible place of your body.
    I think that every employer would like to have as a employee a nice and simple person, with a clean image.