Friday, 11 November 2011

The Pound Land

Have you ever  baught from Pound/Dollar land? or PPT in Romania? What products did you buy? What was worth the money and what wasn't?
Woman shopping at 99 cent store (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Now read the article about this topic here paying attention to the vocabulary. Look up the words that you don't know and then do the following quiz.

Poundland - Dud or Deal? on PhotoPeach

How well did it go? Let us know.


  1. Raul Veres:
    I sometimes buy clothing in stores like these. If you have a good eye, you can check to see if it's any good: the texture of the cloth, how it looks at the seams and so on. A lot of times, clothing can come undone, but buying articles such as cheap T shirts is a great deal, because these do not last that long anyway.
    Cookware and toys can be fun, you find a lot of things you don't really need but you might use once or twice for the fun of it.
    When it comes to cleaning your bathroom, you can buy products from dollar stores, but personal hygiene items like soap, deodorant may cause you some skin problems. I also don't trust washing up liquid. I want my dishes to be extra clean and safe to eat with/out of.
    Stationary is a great deal. Yes, a limited budget can send you to these stores, but you need to keep an eye out for big stores aswell. They often have great deals you can't afford to miss.
    PS: a misconception is a birth control method? That's quite funny.

  2. I was in such shops, I bought t-shirts too. The articles do not have a good quality, therefore I do not like to buy at these places, because it is not worth it.
    For this reason I prefer to spend more money for something that worth it. We can not buy from there creams, shampoos, any detergents because of adverse effects in the hygiene, we can be allergic to it, may shed from the shampoo our hair and many other problems that might emerge.
    So I do not like these places and I will not buy anything from there.

  3. Hmm… I do not really like these stores because I like quality clothing, I was once in ppt, but I didn’t found anything that I like. I did not like the cut, quality, or even the smell, the entire thing smells like a huge rubber.
    I think most of all not to buy any kind of underwear. We don’t know what kind of irritation or other problems can cause.
    I had a shirt which I bought on that first and last day, I wore it one day and he stretched out so strongly that it no longer could be used.
    This is my opinion about these stores.

  4. I do not use to buy things from this kind of stores. It might look as a good choice because of the low prices, but in my opinion, we should look after good qualitiy products .Of course,not everyone afford to buy more expensive goods , even if they notice the diferences between low quality and high quality. In fact, these stores have a role on market. They just need to satisfy the customers' requirements.