Friday, 25 November 2011

What are you doing right now?

Watch the following YT clip. People answer the question:
WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Pay attention to what form they are using in their answers.

What am I trying to do? Can you help???

Now it's your turn. WHAT ARE YOU DOING RIGHT NOW? Of course you're writing. Now look what is happening around and write 5 sentences using this structure.


  1. Firstly, I would like to say that the video is... dull. Except for the part where they say that the man is Irish, like a warning of some sort.

    I'm waiting for my father. So I'm just wasting time, browsing the internet. I'm also looking for a funny picture to post in the comment.
    Also, a clock is ticking. It is annoying me. I'm wondering who still uses big clocks.

    Here is the picture, hope you get a chuckle out of it:

  2. At the very moment i'm in bed with my laptop, chating with whoever is online at this hour. Looking on the internet for some things, checking mail and preparing to go to sleep are the things im going to do next.

  3. At this moment I’m playing a ball game on the PC and I wonder what to write here. I’m a little bit sleepy, it’s because of the outside greyness.
    I feel very chilly… winter has arrived, my legs are frozen. I see this ugly weather and that is enough for me to be grumpy.
    The neighbor's dog barks very loudly… Oh this is really irritating. As it will be a bit quiet I’ll sleep :D

  4. I look out the window and I’m sad… because I know it’s winter but I can not feel it unless it’ll be snow.
    I’m listening to sand violin songs, I’m not in the mood. In this moment I remembered that until Christmas are 2 weeks :D Yes! Yes! Yes! This worth to be happy, it is my favorite holiday.
    I can not wait for the gifts and fun things which comes with it.

  5. Right now,I am waiting for the phone to ring and i'd love to hear some excuses because as usual my best friend is late when we are planing to go out...i am also listening some trance music(Faithless-we come one),checking my facebook account and looking in the mirror to see if everything is all right.Oh!i got a message.Gotta go

  6. In this moment I'm watching TV with my mom, it's Death Race movie. I'm also chatting with a friend on Facebook and listening to songs he sends to me:some Coldplay tracks. Am tired after working but soon I'll get to sleep... Outside the misterious moon highlights a grey sky and strange shapes of shaddows dominate the quiet earth.