Sunday, 22 January 2012

Top paying companies

Read the following text about Top paying companies and then try to make a hierarchy of top paying companies in your town, area, country. Have you met someone working there? What are the conditions as far as: time, workload, etiquette, etc. are concerned?


  1. I wish I could meet someone that works at such a company. Only the greatest get there. Maybe not the smartest, but I bet they are the most hardworking.
    Smart companies know that happy employees work better. When they wake up and gladly go to work because thwy know if they do their job, they get something for it.
    I can only imagine the hours that all those employees have to put in. Like law firms and pro-bono cases.
    Also, from what I read, the companies are more friendly to people. Not a lot of CEOs and such would invite employees over for dinner.

  2. This is very interesting thing that caught my attention enough. I was looking on the internet quite a lot about this, but unfortunately I did not have found too many things... It is like if you would like them to be hidden. I want to work at such a company.
    We can see the relationship between employers and employees, it is much more different than what we see here in our town. There is the boss and employee relationship, which is important, but also we can observe a friendly relationship too.
    The fact that people are happy to go to work, so to speak, they are not afraid of the boss provides an increase in the workforce. The people prefer to work with greater attention to in favor of the profit.

  3. I searched about the topic, and I found something about top paying banks in Romania. It said that the best paid workers are the banking employees.
    They earn twice as much as the average salary. The average net salary is around 750 euro, in these 40 banks of Romania. Working there would be just like a dream come true… because
    I want to work in a place like that, or as an accountant. Unfortunately in our country employers are not paying attention for there employees happiness.
    In my opinion they don’t want to believe the fact that if the employees are happy to go to work, they are not stressed they are working so much better. It is just like in the case of the food, if we are eating something we like, we are eating it with pleasure. But is we eat some food that does not taste we will swallow it with disgust.

  4. Hi, I'm Cuesdeanu Mircea Bogdan and I'm from a town called Reghin from Romania, in our town the top paying firm is Prolemn where the minimum salary is 400 euro but most low payed workers are payed from 700 euro to 2000 euro, and above are the turk's wich have the firm the're salary is above 10,000 euro net every month, they produce 11% of all the door's worldwide.In this firm is the best place to work,they pay every hour you stay extra and there's never a day delay for the salary, they have very good conditions and everything is automatic, when I finish college I'm most certainly going to apply there.