Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Do you have any workexperience? If so, what do you think are some important business etiquette factors that can contribute to your workplace success?

Then read the following article from Yahoo Finance and pick one aspect you agree with and one you think is less important for your workplace success and argue your position.


  1. Well from my point of view, i believe that the outfit you're wearing is the most important factor in a business. The people don't treat you the same if you're wearing some jeans and a T-shirt or if you're wearing a suit. The last important thing, i say, is the fitness or fatness, in my opinion. People don't look at you and say "Oh, i don't want to listen to you. You're a fat guy who only thinks at hotdogs and burgers." People apreciate your way of thinking, not your way of looking. It does'nt matter if you're fat or skinny, good looking or bad looking, as long as you do your job and you do it right. Cheers!

  2. Accurately I did not have a real job, but I worked as flyer divider... I found very interesting. In this case, I consider that the dressing is very important. I don’t think about high heels, only the fact that we must have the right clothing. For example, in the case of women do not wear with an elegant skirt sport shoes.

    In my opinion the look is the most important thing, mostly people are judged based on their appearance. I think that on an interview our dress-up, behavior and style of speaking have the most important role.

  3. I am working as a driver, and in my case the most important thing is not described. As a driver I have to be very patient, so on traffic flow as with the people around me. There are many accidents caused by impatience.

    I think that the shops, companies, it is important that employees to have patience in any causes. Anywhere if we meet nice person we love to return to that place.

    Returning to my case, there are plenty of people out there who can throw me off, but this does not affect my work, I won’t be nervous because I’ll need to be calm and vigilant on the roads.

  4. Well, Calin, regarding the way we look, I think this is how it should be, but, honestly, is it so in reality?

  5. I understand heels, but not high-heels. It seems silly. It's a workplace, not a bar. Sadly, most people mistake that fact. And there is no such thing as a designer stubble. You're unshaved and unprofessional.
    To be on topic, I think "fatness" is the least important aspect.
    The most important part is your attitude. And attitude can be shown via clothing. Your outfit can seal a deal or brake it.
    In business, it is all about looks and attitude. Not that much about what you say. It's how you say it.

    1. Ramster, you say it's not so much about what as it is about how and about attitude. I agree this is what we were taught and we officially accept. On the other hand you contradict yourself saying that fatness is the least important. I challenge you to place yourself in a manager's shoes and let us know who would you choose at an interview if you had two employees equal from all other aspects except fatness?

  6. There are many different factors that could lead or not a person to workplace succes. But it all depends of what kind of work you practice. Generally, the look is an important factor because when you have contact to your customers, they might apreciate the way you look,and this is part of professionalism.
    I work in my own dog grooming shop and I might say that in my case the clients are more interested in the way I handle their dogs, the nice hair cuts and gifts,discounts I offer, the way I talk and advise them. So it is just my work's final result that is important.