Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Playing the hangman

Go to this page and play the hangman. Click on Next to start guessing a new word/expression. Then share with us the expressions you have solved successfully, or if you got hung:-)



  1. well.i've discovered
    -a high flier
    -got out of bed on the wrong side
    -cook the books
    -a big fish in a small pond
    -blow a fuse
    -face the facts

  2. Jully,
    do you know what "to cook the books" means? How about a high flier?

  3. I heve discovered:
    - face the facts
    - a head for figures
    - a real earful
    - an old hand
    - he is on the make
    - fed up to the back teeth
    - corner the market
    - a high flier

  4. hey. i have solved:

    Hit the roof
    The power went to his head
    A big fish in a small pond
    He drives me round the bend
    Bury your head in the sand

    and i got hung by:

    cut a deal

  5. Alexandra, can you explain what "to have a head for figures" means?

  6. Hi again everyone,
    please don't forget to pick up two of these expressions, explain them and give examples in sentences!

  7. bury your head in the sand means: to refuse to think about an unpleasant situation, hoping that it will improve so that you will not have to deal with it;
    ex. The party ended earlier and the students accused the organaizer of burying his head in the sand.

    hit the roof:to suddelny become very angry
    ex.I'm sure he will hit the roof when he'll see that all his photos were deleted from his laptop.

  8. I have solved 3 expressions : I can't face another one tonight;He is on the make:Had it up to here.
    I didn't know any of them and I learned that I can't face another one tonight means i can't confront anothe problem tonight and He is on the make means he is seeking personal gain.

  9. "She runs a tight ship"-this was my first expresion
    "To run a tight ship" is a very common and idiomatic phrase in English and it means that a "boss" makes sure that all of the rules are followed, and that all of the jobs are done on time.
    It's a naval context, and you can imagine to "operate a ship" requires that all the rules be followed and people respond immediately to orders.

  10. "come to a head" - this was my second expression
    if a problem or a disagreement comes to a head, it becomes so bad that you have to start dealing with it.
    An example: Things hadn't been good between them for a while but it all came to a head last week when Phil failed to come home one night.

  11. Hello, my name is Cuesdeanu Mircea Bogdan and I'm a student at Dimitrie Cantemir University, I just played the Hangman game and I foud a few good phrases, my first one was "come to a head" witch means to reach a critical or crucial stage of a problem, a good example could be: "At the end of the week, everything came to a head and Sam was fired.",my second phrase was "cut a deal", this one is very used in business or politics and it means to make an agreement or an arrangement with someone, an example could be: "The property developer tried to cut a deal with us to get us out of the building."

  12. I love this game! :D It was very fun!

    The first expression is:
    You've got to hand it to him it means that you say something which means that you admire someone's achievement or you admire a quality in someone, even if you do not admire everything about that person

    My hands are tied it means that you can not act free like you want to.

    Talking behind their back it means not being honest with somebody, from my view is like gossiping

  13. The solved expression are:

    He really put my back up - this means becoming angry of somebody ore something

    She has really made it

    Stay ahead of the pack - means to be the best, like a leader, to be better then the others around us.

    A face like thunder - it means to have a angry expression, like a red balloon which blows up

    A real pain in the neck - this means that somebody is annoying us.

  14. Hy I solved these expressions,
    -My hand are tied
    -She put on a brave face
    -Got out of bed on the wrong side
    -A hard nosed businessman
    -Cut a deal
    -He is on the make
    -On its last legs
    - Fly of the handle

    The expression ''Got out of bed on the wrong side'' is used forwhen somebody is is angry or nervous .

  15. Ruxandra,
    do we have the expression "Got out of bed on the wrong side" in Romanian? Do you know it?