Thursday, 8 March 2012

Telling Present Perfect stories

Ted Williams, a homeless US man with a deep, refined voice has become an overnight online sensation after being "discovered" by a local reporter on a street corner in Columbus, Ohio.
Read the rest of the story here paying attention to the use of Present Perfect.

1. What has impressed you about Williams?
2. Have you heard about other such talent discoveries? Tell us in a few sentences (of course try using Present Perfect wherever possible)


  1. Well, i'm impressed by his voice and because he was a man who has struggled with drugs and alcohol addiction and he has become an overnight sensation because of a video that had millions of hits on YouTube where he said:“I’m an ex-radio announcer who has fallen on hard times”.
    I think it's amazing what happend with him.

    I heard about other talent discoveries and i'm wathching them every friday at PROTV on Romanians got talent..")

  2. 1. Considering the way they look and the way of life that he lead, still has a smile on her lips, I'm impressed with the rich vocabulary that he have and indeed has a pleasant voice, exceptional. Sorry for the people who lost their lives because of the alcohol and drugs. Definitely suffer's family.

    2.I have not heard such situation, but after some time I watched a movie, It was a similar case, the main character was a good violinist, He lived on the street and was discovered by a reporter who also helped him to get a star. He played in the great Halls of the show and was also helped by a master employed by the reporter.

  3. Well Radu, you are supposed to also tell us a little bit of one of the stories you've watched on ProTV. Looking forward to it!

  4. Well,he sure is a lucky guy.In this world there are a lot of talented people,talented voices wich will never be discovered.Just a few of them has the luck and the chance wich Ted had.It's a joy and a surprise for everybody when theese kind of talented people are discovered,but unfortunately,the fame and money change you,as person.It is so dangerous to wake up in the morning and to be another person.If you don't have a strong character and strong people around you to support you in all of your actions,you are a lost person.You will find your save in alchohol or drugs.I am so happy when talented people as Ted are discovered.Keep up the good work,Ted!

  5. I've seen thi video when it just got viral a few years back, I couldn't stop laughting when I saw it, such a voice to come out from a bum(homeless person), I never herd what happen to him but I think he was employed by a radio station or something like that.

  6. "Hot for words" - this woman is a blonde russian girl in the USA who started uploading videos on her channel every day, she got viral very fast, she teaches english on youtube, she is very popular.