Monday, 19 March 2012


Listen to the presentation of DmLights below and fill in the missing terms. is a ……….of Paul de Meutter Electricity. The company was ……….. in 1979 and has been your reliable partner for electricity and lighting for over 30 years. But the company and its product ………. have been growing over the years.
DmLights is one of the biggest ………….lighting companies in Belgium. In the shop you can rely on professional advice from exerienced lighting experts. They can help you make a choice among the large range of different styles to suit each ……….
But you can save the trip and shop online. In 2004 the dmlights workshop was launched It was an instant success thanks to good service and ………….. prices. Buying lighting online at dmlights is easy, safe, and fast. Placing your order can be done in just a few steps.
Today Dmlights offers more than 50,000 articles and has an extensive ………… in its warehouse which has a total service area of ………..m2. The DmLights team is always at your service. They follow your order throughout the process. At DmLights you’ll always find the lowest price. If you do find an article at a cheaper price elsewhere, DmLights will …………that price immediately. DmLights has a whole team of experts at your disposal. After receiving your order, the goods are …………, packed and dispatched with the greatest care on their way to another satisfied customer. DmLights delivers worldwide but you can also collect your order in our store yourself. In addition, you receive a two-year guarantee on every lighting ………….. and excellent out-of-sale service.

Now answer the following questions:
1. What are the main parts of this presentation?
2. Suppose you were to make a presentation of your university to potential students. What aspects would you point out to in order to attract them?


  1. I guess the main parts of this presentation are: is a division of Paul de Meutter Electricity
    -it was founded in 1979
    -the company and its product range have been growing
    -different styles that suit each budget
    -good service and unbeatable prices
    -an extensive stock with a service area of 1620 m2
    -it has the cheaper price
    -has a whole team of experts at your disposal.

  2. Hy, my name is Cuesdeanu Mircea Bogdan and I think the missing words from the presentation could be:division,founded,range,retail,budget,unbeatable,stock,1620,match,picked, fixture.
    1.In my opinion the main parts of this presentation are:
    -The company is 30 years old in the business
    -it is one of the biggest lighting companies in Belgium
    -they have a professional staff
    -The company has a wide range of products for every budget
    -unbeatable prices
    -They deliver worldwide
    2.For a presentation of my university to potential students I would point out the unbeatable price per year,all the projects are obtional but with every project you gain extra points for the finals, the newest building equipt with projectors in every classroom and they also have the ERASMUS program for students to go in different country's to lean.

  3. The main parts of this presentation are: is a division of Paul de Meutter Electricity, and it was founded in 1979.
    It is one of the biggest lighting companies in Belgium.
    The company has a large range of different styles.
    They have an unbeatable price and DmLights delivers worldwide!

    There are many things with which I would attract other students, like the relationship between teachers and students, it is very good and extremely important. The opportunity to make projects for extra points. the large parking lot, where we can leave our cars.

  4. In my opinion the main parts are:
    1. is a division of Paul de Meutter Electricity. It is important for us to know that in the text is written about an electricity company.
    2. That this company is working since 30 years
    3. DmLights is one of the biggest companies in Belgium
    4. It is one of the cheapest companies
    5. The most important is that DmLights delivers worldwide

    Dimitrie Cantemir is one of the latest technological equipped university. The students can take part in different activities. The students can attend to ERASMUS program, to visit and learn in different countries. And for me the most important thing was the relationship between the teachers and students, this is a very beautiful thing!

  5. Dimitrie Cantemir University have a very good Swot analasys. The students ca be paid in 6 installments the tuition fee, which is lower than in other universities.we can comunicate with teachers easier, we have many labs, a very good library. The students can get Erasmus scholarships or others scholarships, and they can make some extracurricular activities( sach as fotball) they can make some pojects in team or individual wich can be presented in some competitions. We have a very good University and I recommended to everyone ho like our Departamens.

    1. OK, Ruxandra, this is what I was expecting! With one exception: What is the difference between: "Students can be paid" and "Students can pay the tuition fee.."? Looking forward to your answer. Teacher

  6. 1.The main parts of this presentation:
    In the first place , we found a presentation of the company name , field of activity and the year in which it was founded.
    Presentation of the company:
    -in the shops we can receive professional advice in order to be able to choose the optimum product
    -we can shop on line on site, It is easy safe and quick.
    -it currently owns over five thousand items offered to clients always at a good price
    -the entire team of experts is endeavoring to satisfy all customers and to deliver safe products. DmLights delivers worldwide but you can also collect your order in their store yourself.
    From my own point of view, i want to list three ideas :
    - one aspect is what the college has to offer, for example great professors that know how to explain us; the most important is the communication with teachers: is it easy and very helpful for us students.
    - a second aspect is the facilies that the college offers, the modern equipment; the students with high scores at exams can receive scholarships or can study in other countries.
    - another aspect that the college offers to attract students is the volume of information that it gives to the student for example: the library has computers for the students to work with, a lot of books that they can borrow or buy courses by teachers.

  7. Sorry, my question above was addressed to Alexandra, not Ruxandra.
    I keep mixing the two of you!