Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Many people in our country and abroad face a tough battle to find a job. Watch this BBC News example about a man who's been jobless for 10 years. 1. Why did he lose his job? What are some other reasons people you know have lost their own? Give an example. Then watch the video below and answer the question: What does it take to create a job?


  1. He lost his job because the hotel sold out, i know people that lost their jobs in the last period, because a lot of small companies don't work on profit and they close.
    To create a job is hard because they must find good people to employ and it's costly for firms and the government don't help them to creat new jobs with helpful laws and it's costly to train apretice and the minimum wage is rising constantly in G.B.

  2. I know someone who worked in a big company and does his job very well although he was fired because he was the youngest from the company and was the last person hired. This does not seem fair at all because it would be better for young people to be hired and trained to work not to be dismissed. Although in many places require experience, it would be better if the employers would be more indulgent and to form the employees in the company and especially the young who are more open to learn new things and they adapt better in any situation.

  3. 1.The man lost his job because the hotel where he work was sold.
    2.I know lots of people who lost their jobs because the technology overcomes them. For the companies is easier to find other people than to train them.
    3.For the companies is hard to create a job, especially in Romania, when these must to paid to the state for the employee about 45% from his wage. I think this is the first and the major problem. This encourages illegal work.

  4. As I understand the man is jobless for two years, not for ten, and he lost his last job because the owner of the hotel he worked sold out.
    Many people loose their jobs mainly because there is a human resource crisis. I belive this video would explain it better:
    There are a lot of people who are working 5 days a week waiting for the weekend, with no passion. I believe these are the first who get laid off.
    And about creating new jobs, I must say that I agree with Alina Voda. The goverment should help companies create new jobs.

  5. I was living in Spain in the last 7 years, and for about 4 years ago the crisis attack this country , and is very difficult to find a job and to keep it. The only jobs you can find are in turism , sales and a few more. All those jobs are for the people who knows at least English , but also the Russian , French , German languages are required. The most of the spanish people does not know any languages so the foreigners who knows others languages have more potencial to find a job.

    1. Ionela, I appreciate your details about unemployment in Spain. And since it is so important for you to master English (among others), I hope you don't mind if I will try to help you correct the mistakes you make (for good, ok?) - in capitals below

      Past Tense: attackED
      IT is very difficult (in English you should always have a subject)
      People who KNOW (it's plural, no -S)
      Spanish people DO not know (agan, plural)
      Foreigners who KNOW (plural)

      Hope this will help you.

  6. He lost his job because the hotel wew sold.
    My mother had worked at the hospital. When the Government decided to cut 20% of salaries, my mother has decided it can no longer support his family and went abroad, after she realized that she can not find a new and well paid job. Now she`s working in Italy, but it is so hard to find a new job in case she lost the previous one. There are no diversity of jobs and the good jobs are occupied by residents.

    1. Adriana,
      please pay attention to your pronouns, your mom is not "it"(she can no longer support) nor he (his family), I hope you agree with me on that!

  7. To create new jobs the companies need support, especially from the government. I think that should exist a law to support the companies to create new jobs, for example if one company creates two or three jobs in one month they should receive a compensation that could be: not paying the tax for that person that you hired for the fist year or something like that.

  8. I have to say this video really made me sad. As I understood well from it, the man lost his job two years ago, not ten. He lost it because the employee sold out.
    It is very sad indeed that people who have the physical and intellectual capability to work, haven't got a chance on the actual labor market.

    Many years ago people used to loose their job in cases like excessive absence or tardiness, stealing from the company, slander attitude or alcohol abuse. A few years ago, the employees tried to be more demanding, so reasons such followings, were determinant for firing: performing tasks too slowly, not achieving the targets, conducting personal business at work, refusing to follow the supervisor orders, refusing to cope with the colleagues, evasion, dishonesty, etc. Nowadays, business shutdowns or employer's similar actions (state and private companies) may be the most underlying reasons for a not so expected job loss.

    Regarding what it takes to create a job, shortly, I would say it takes a great idea, courage, determination and ambition. Than, in the first place, when a company hires an employee, that employee is needed to get the products or services finished. It is not only whether the company has the money to pay the taxes for him/ her. It is whether that employee will produce enough to cover his wages, taxes and maybe a small profit.

  9. Nowadays people loose easily their jobs because the crisis affects the whole world, especially the small companies don't have any choice than close because don't work on profit. I think that the government should help more the companies to hire people not to fire them. I agree with Bianca because this idea is very well and the politicians should discuss and try it .


  10. 1. Andy lost his job, because the hotel where he worked as a receptionist was sold.
    2. I know a friend, who has recently lost his job, because his company went into insolvency.
    3. I have to say I agree with those who said, that the government must help entrepreneurs create new jobs, and help the qualified find these.

  11. Andy Mills lost his job because the owner of the hotel sold out. I think this is the case of many people who lost their jobs because of the crisis. Many companies stoped their activity because of the money; they didn`t work on profit and they had no choice. Nowadays is difficult to find a job when everybody asks for experience, especially for students. I think that should exist some trainigs or classes for people who want to apply for a job, but, of course, that means somebody has to pay for that.