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A legal case

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Unfortunately, everywhere around us people break the law for different reasons.
Certain types of crime (contraventie, infractiune, crima) might be domestic violence, exceeding the speed limit and even felonies such as murder.

What other types of crime (delicte) do you know? Can you say a few words about it? Which one is the most frequent in our town? What is the punishment for such crimes? Do you know of a real felony in our country that was given the capital punishment?


  1. Crimes are various. The most known types are: property crimes, public order crimes and violent crimes. There are also infractions, indictable offences, felonies, federal crimes and misdemeanors. In Targu Mures infractions are the most frequent. Theft is all around us. If you take the bus you can read on the ticket: BEWARE OF THIEVES! I think this is the most relevant argument that the theft is unstoppable in our town. The punishment for a robbery is usually a fine...sure if the thieves are caught. I heared just a few cases where the guilts were arrested. Since 1990 in Romania capital punishment was replaced with life inprisonment. But in the time of comunism were executed 104 persons. The last persons who died in Romania by capital punishment were Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife on 25 december 1989.

  2. Hi Szidonia,
    we say the CULPRITS and not the 'guilts'. BTW (by the way) do you know how people who steal froom pockets are called?

  3. If I remember right they are called PICKPOCKETS.

  4. Well done, you remember well.

    A challenge to the other students: how do you refer to:
    a. someone who steals from shops?
    b. someone who steals from houses?
    c. someone who steals from banks?

    what a detailed description of the act/actors of stealing in English!

  5. In my little town crimes are not so often. Altough, violence is the most frequent crime. Fights are happening frequently between people who think they`re rough, especially guys. The punishment for these type of crime is fine or in severe cases they get a few months of conviction.
    I think that someone who steals from shops is a thief, who steals from houses is a burgler and someone who steals from banks is a bankrobber.

  6. Crimes are the worst thing this world has to offer. Since the begining crimes existed for the simplest reasons - because the neighbour had a bigger house, because a friend had more money and so on..
    Even with all this, Romania has the lowest crime rate in the UE.
    The city I live in is a small one, where not many crimes take place but they do, which is a bad thing.
    The most common crimes are shoplifting, pickpocketing and sometimes fights.
    Usualy the punishement for thease crimes is a fine, or some scolding but sometimes it can end with prison.
    The most famous case of capital punishement in Romania is the one of the ex dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena Ceausescu which were kiled by an execution pluton in the day of Christmas.

  7. Sergiu,
    I like your conversational style, your reflections, your point of view.

    This is what I expect, to hear your thoughts, NOT GIVE LECTURES ON LAW, CRIME, ETC, copy from different sites.

    Well done!

  8. Crimes in my city are not as frequent as it is a small town. The most common forms of crime is beating between guys who think they are the strongest and the theft of timber beeing an area where wood is a source of income. Penalties for these types of offenses are fines and criminal cases, and in the worst case a few months in prison.

  9. The city where I live is very small,but because of it, is very peaceful. The only problems that appear, are the fightings betwen the boys at the night club. After they drink some alcohol, shortly appear's the fighting. That problem is resolved by the people of law. The penalty is up to 200 RON but this does not prevent other fights.

  10. According to the Criminal Code, the most common crimes in Romania are:murder,degree murder,aggravated murder and involuntary manslaughter.Most cases are because of alcohol, poverty and human wickedness.We must always take care of us wherever we are.

  11. ana-maria,
    what a harsh reality, isn't it? What do you think can be done to stop them?

  12. iulia_2015,
    I am glad that you consulted the Crimial code. But what is your personal opinion?

  13. The capital punishment was abolished in Romania on 25th of December 1989 once that the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu was convicted and executed with his wife Elena Ceausescu for murders and other atrocities over Romanian people. Regarding the crimes that our town faces, I want to say that I strongly believe that we live in a peaceful town with decent people. However, there are isolated cases of murder or bank robberies. Most often we can find drivers who receive tickets for traffic trespass.

  14. Hello teacher.In my opinion,it's not good what is happening in our country because I believe that everything happening around us(crime and violence)are due to poverty.Many people do something like that because they can not maintain themselves.Government does not help these people and they are forced to do these things.

  15. I think that the most ugly "crime" in my town is Tax evasion,I know an my opinion those person who use tax evasion should be put behind bars for long long time,and the argument for this opinion is very simple..fraud=dirty money(stolen money)=JAIL.That's why in this country every body complains about everything,because 50% of the state economy use tax evasion.

  16. Again Iulia,
    why should we always blame the government for what we are? Do you think we always have to find someone else to blame for what we do?

  17. Roxana,
    what town are you talking about?

  18. Hello again teacher.I did not want to say that we always have to blame others for what we do,but sometimes the government has to do with these problems.Of course, we are responsible for our actions,not other people.

  19. Crimes come in various “shapes” and “sizes” but all involve a wronged part. Someone suffers for the criminals actions. We can debate the nature, the purpose of ones crimes but we can never understand the reason to make one. That is if we are people with a full conscience. For me, I will never understand the capital punishment, it is very easy to kill a person but to torture a criminal in the worst kind of prison is inhumane?!
    To conclude my thoughts and questions, I state that everybody no matter how innocent they think they are have committed at least a crime, be it the nature of trespassing, or not recycling, or even littering. We all have at least one did it. And what makes us different from criminals is that we have a different habit of mind.

  20. For a crime like that of the teacher, would not comment because she just helping students …somehow, not a bad thing, such as a murder or someone who steals from banks.

  21. I think this town saw all types of crime.Murder, exceeding speed limit, domestic violence, violence between people, stealing. I mean all types. It's not a safe town. I can't tell witch is the most frequent crime, because if we watch the news there you have it in one package.
    There were many capital punishments in Romania for example Constantine or Constantin Hangerli was strangled,shot, stabbed and beheaded in 1799. Romania's last execution came during Romania Revolution of 1989 and the victims were Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu.

  22. Our town faces mostly small time crimes, and it's also quite safe. There rarely happens a serious crime, and when that happens, the press makes a huge case out of it and everybody is in shock. The most common crimes in our town are fights, sometimes heists and car jacks. The people who commit these crimes are often fined, or if they commit a more serious crime they are sentenced to jail.

  23. a.shoplifter

  24. There are a lot of crime types and the most common are theft,burglaries,murders.All over the world not just in my country or in my town crimes are routine.Talking about my city the situation is a litle bit different compared with others.The most common crimes are fights between gangs usually and also between people who need to solve their problems and they don't now other ways than violence.Also we have problems with the bank robbers.A few days ago a bank was broken in my neighborhood.The punishment for this types of crimes are based on the gravity of the situation,so you can get a warning,a fine,you can get a criminal record or you can go to prison.I know nothing abouth the death penalty I didn't heard about it in my country besides the execution of Elena And Nicolae Ceausescu.Instead this dath penalty you can do life in prison.

  25. Mihaela,
    that is very sweet from your part, I appreciate your comment!

  26. Martika,
    you seem to have a different opinion from one of your colleagues. Can you read the comments above and see who has a different opinon and what he/she says?

  27. Adriana,
    can you explain the others, in your own words, what heists are? Because this is a more rarely used expression.

  28. Liviu,
    how does it make you feel knowing you live in the same neighbourhood with the robbed bank?

  29. A heist is the robbery from an institution, such as a bank or a museum.

  30. Hello again.
    Yes I have a totally different point of view.I think Roxana talk's about Tg. Mures and she strongly believes that we live in a safe town and decent people? I mean come on... that's not true. No offense she contradicted herself with her own word's. Quote: "Regarding the crimes that our town faces, I want to say that I strongly believe that we live in a peaceful town with decent people. However, there are isolated cases of murder or bank robberies. Most often we can find drivers who receive tickets for traffic trespass. "

  31. Don't worry, guys, Martika,
    we/you are different and can perceive things differently.

    However, I'd like to teach you here that you can always challenge the others' opinions. This is even desirable.
    And I'd also appreciate if you asked your colleagues questions, not just answer my (teacher's) questions.
    It is as we do in class, we ask and answer questions, i.e. we communicate, this time virtually.

  32. Hello Teacher,
    I was talking about Tg. Mures ,in my opinion the most beautiful and quiet city.Do you think is too good to be true?:)

  33. Lately Targu Mures has not been the quiet city we all knew it to be. I heard alot on the news about crimes and shoplifting or pickpocketing.
    However, it is not the only city in Romania with problems. Most of the cities have their own troubles. Even here, in Reghin, a city which is alot smaller than Targu Mures the crime rate is very high because some people think they are above the law.
    The most common crimes are fights and pickpocketing from my point of view..

  34. Hello.
    I don't know all the crimes to enumerate them,but I'll say a few of them that I know : piracy,slavery,genocide,crimes against peace.
    The most common crime is the piracy.Of course there are different types of piracy.The reason why a lot of people do piracy, is because they want to cheat,in order to make money,to make harm,or whatever the reason is.It't not a justified action.
    In our town the most frequent crime is the drugs trade.(that is what I think).Drugs trade really has gone mad.It is unstoppable.
    Well,I'm against the crime.I like to be a honour man.(At least I sleep well at night, beside others.)STOP THE CRIME!,TO MAKE A BETTER WORLD!

  35. Like my colleagues say :there are different types of crimes.It is a long list.However until now I heard about robbery,rape,kidnap,murder and arson.The news are full with this crimes.Every day I hear about them.
    I saw what my clolleagues said, and it's true,here in Tg.Mures the most common crime is pickpocketing.I don't know what is the punishment for this crime.
    I want to add something to everything it was said, that in Mures county, the number of crimes committed by juveniles have increased.
    I didn'heard until now about the capital punishment and the execution of Elena and Nicolae Ceausescu.It's a new topic for me.

  36. Unfortunately everywhere we can find crime /braking law, even in big town even in small village.
    I think the most frequently case of braking law in our town are exceeding the speed, pickpocketing ( I had an experience of this kind last year when somebody stolen my telephone from my bag)stole from the cars but also domestic violence which is not reported every time when happens because people are shame to do this.

  37. How come you haven't heard/watched on TV the two communist leaders' execution? Maybe you weren't born in Dec 1989, but still...